Learning Management System Implementation

A Streamlined Approach To Implementation

From start to finish, implementing the Relias learning management system (LMS) is quick, hassle-free and effective.

Simple Process, Minimal Effort

If you have any concerns about the amount of time, IT involvement or system know-how it takes to implement the Relias LMS, our approach will put your mind at ease so you feel comfortable each step of the way. You can begin managing your training, saving time and money, and improving performance, compliance and outcomes in three, easy steps.

Step 1: Make It Your Own

Discuss your goals and specific training requirements with your personal implementation specialist, who will guide you as you get your staff uploaded and organized in the system. You may want to integrate your HRIS with our system so new hires can be auto-enrolled in training plans on day one.

Step 2: Learn to Use It

Receive guided instruction on how to develop your annual and new-hire training plans, how to then assign and enroll staff in those training plans and how to run reports tailored to your organization’s needs.

Step 3: Roll It out

Feel confident moving from implementation to rollout. All users receive a built-in course on navigating the system and ongoing help from our five-star support team.

“Relias was the smoothest software implementation we have ever been through. In terms of regulatory compliance and streamlining a paperless system, [the return on investment] exceeded our expectations.”


If you’re in the market for an industry-leading healthcare LMS, contact us for a quick demonstration of our product
and how Relias can help you get better at managing training, developing staff and improving care outcomes.