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Gaming Elements

Gaming Elements

Improve staff engagement, knowledge retention and compliance

The Future of Healthcare Training

Motivate Staff

Staff are self-motivated to complete training because they “want to” vs. “have to”

Improve Retention

When staff are self-motivated to learn, their ability to retain skills is greatly improved

Better Job Performance

Increased motivation and retention successfully position staff to perform better on the job

Learner Engagement

Incorporating interactive learner engagement elements into your training moves your staff from completing training because they “have to” — to becoming active participants in their development.

Incentivized Success

Gaming elements provide staff with focused goals and rewards that incentivize compliance with their training plan and demonstrate the knowledge they’ve acquired from the courses.

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Encourages Early Completion

Drives compliance with training plans by rewarding early course completions.

Rewards High Exam Scores

Fosters knowledge retention by awarding points for high exam scores.

Personalized Crests

Encourages learner pride in and individual ownership of their training.


Enforces long-term motivation and friendly competition while making it easy to track results for each individual, team or department.

Increases Engagement

Increases staff engagement which results in improved knowledge retention, performance and client outcomes.

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