Customized E-Learning Content

E-Learning Designed To Meet Your Exact Needs

Convert your instructor-led training to an online format, update existing e-learning and create courses from scratch.


Deliver training specifically tailored to align with your organization's performance goals. Relias offers custom-designed e-learning programs informed by your organization’s specific performance and compliance needs.

Convert ILT to E-Learning

Adapt your instructor-led training courses and webinars to an e-learning format.

Engage Your Staff

Incorporate the best of adult learning theory, including simulations, video and micro-learning.

Revive Existing Content

Transform your existing training documents into easily assignable, online courses tailored to learning objectives you specify.

“Relias allows me to create assignments with their courses, build my own courses, or revise existing courses.”


Design your training based on adult learning principles and the latest developments to improve learning. Relias offers a suite of innovative learning tools you can use in your customized course content.

Just-in-Time Learning

Just-in-time learning brings targeted content to staff – on the job – to solve problems, review vital skills and procedures, or refresh previously learned material.

Scenario-Based Learning

Relevant, engaging, story-based courses during which staff perform tasks and make immediate decisions just as they would on the job, all within a safe environment.

Gaming Elements

This learning tactic employs game design techniques to non-game experiences with the goal of motivating learners to change behavior and improve performance.

Simulated Learning

Simulations provide a realistic environment for staff to perform tasks and make decisions by interacting with tools and people they would engage with in real life.

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“Our employees appreciate that they get the option of learning formats. It’s not just videos – there are PowerPoints and transcripts, too.”


Offer your staff a winning combination of instructional design excellence and healthcare expertise to deliver effective learning. Our instructional designers bring decades of experience, holding advanced degrees in education and instructional technology. Whether our instructional design experts provide the subject matter knowledge, or your in-house experts do, we will work collaboratively to ensure your satisfaction.

Technology Expertise

Get expert advice on what learning content best suits different content types.

Adult Learning Principles

Base course content on adult learning principles. Ensure that learning is relatable, relevant, practical, scenario-based, and always includes feedback.

Curricula & Course Design

Instructional designers can help you craft training starting from course introductions and objectives, to lessons and post-course exams

New Perspective & Insight

Instructional designers listen closely to your needs and work from the view of a new learner, enabling a fresh perspective on how content should be presented.


Deliver custom-designed courses to your staff quickly. Our instructional designers follow a tried-and-true process to plan, design, develop and ensure the quality of the courses being created for your staff.

Analyze & Organize

To ensure a relevant and targeted learning experience, we identify your learning objectives and then align them to your performance goals.

Course Development

The right technologies and development tools are employed to build your course.

Design Process

We consult with people in your organization and then design training that allows the learner to ‘prove mastery’ through an engaging and relevant learning experience.

Quality Assurance

The course components are tested throughly, and then we test them again.

Product Spotlights

See how a few of our clients used our custom content service to deliver top-notch training.

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