Assessments for Behavioral Health

Personnel Assessments for Behavioral Health

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Transform How You Hire & Develop Your Staff

Relias Assessments provides you with another tool in your employee hiring and retention toolbox. Using assessments to make informed hiring and placement decisions results in long-term employee success, satisfaction, and retention.

Behavioral Health Specific

Evaluate job knowledge and success factors that are critical to success in key clinical roles including social worker, case manager, substance abuse counselor and peer support specialist.

Multiple Use Cases

Use pre-hire for applicant screening, selection, and placement, and post-hire for professional development and competency evaluation.

Situational Assessments

Assess factors that contribute to the success of clinical and direct care staff, such as empathy and judgment, to inform your hiring decisions and identify areas of further development of existing staff.

Clinical Assessments

Provide insight into your new hires’ and current employees’ role-specific job knowledge and skills so you can address any gaps or deficiencies in critical areas specific to direct care providers in behavioral health settings.




Take the guesswork out of hiring. Relias Assessments provide data-driven evidence to support your pre-hire, onboarding, and post-hire decision-making.

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Relias Assessments evaluates competencies and generates easy-to-use reports in two areas critical to an employee’s success. Our two validated, pre-hire job knowledge assessments provide scores against national benchmarks and organizational benchmarks, giving hiring managers the ability to see how a candidate ranks against their peers both nationally and inside of your own organization.

Data-Driven Hiring

Strengthen the hiring process by adding validated assessments to traditional hiring methods (interview, reference check) for a more complete understanding of your candidates’ strengths.


Standardized Hiring

Assessments help standardize the hiring process by measuring candidates against the same set of objective criteria.

Validated and EEOC Compliant

Each pre-hire assessment goes through a comprehensive content validation process. Experts perform a job analysis, create assessment items and tie them to key job-related factors, and set the initial cutoff score. All pre-hire assessments meet EEOC and Uniform Guidelines standards for use in selection decisions. Relias also routinely evaluates our assessments to ensure their efficacy and to minimize adverse impact as much as possible.


Relias Assessments provides robust reporting to identify strengths and areas of improvement of individual employees. When utilized post-hire, this data can strengthen onboarding and help managers develop ongoing skill development and life-long learning plans.

Individualized Onboarding

Gain insight into an individual’s knowledge and skill gaps that need to be addressed during the onboarding process to create tailored, targeted onboarding plans per an individual’s needs.

Competency Evaluation

Ongoing evaluation of an employee’s competency aids managers in uncovering skills gaps and opportunities for improvement. This can help you to improve clinical care and reduced risk for the organization.

Employee Engagement

Providing employees with individualized development plans based on current knowledge and skills is a potent factor in employee engagement plans and reducing turnover.


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