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Healthcare Assessments

Relias Assessments, Formerly Prophecy®

High quality of care begins with great people. Hire and retain a high-performing workforce.


Improve satisfaction, increase retention and maximize quality of care. When used for pre or post hire, Relias Assessments allows you to holistically evaluate candidates and position them and your organization for success.

Increase Retention

Increase satisfaction and retention by ensuring a better job and organizational fit from the beginning of employment.

Evaluate Competency

Annually evalulate incumbent and transfer nurses’ clinical knowledge to improve quality care.

Identify Learning Gaps

Gain insight into employees’ knowledge gaps and learning styles to address during onboarding.

Cultivate Future Leaders

Identify and develop the next generation of leaders through proactive succession planning.

“A formally validated assessment process evaluating the whole candidate -clinical skills, personality and interpersonal skills- has demonstrated impressive results in improving retention rates.”


By ensuring a better fit, new hires are more likely to find long-term satisfaction and success. Candidates are the sum of multiple parts. Predict future job success and organizational fit through clinical, situational, and behavioral assessments.

Screening Tool

With limited time and resources, assessments help screen for applicants with the minimum qualifications and desired organizational values.

Holistic Profile

Evaluate multiple aspects that impact patient care to get a clear and accurate picture before selecting candidates.

Interview Questions

Access job-specific interview questions generated from assessment reports to determine potential fit in specific roles.

Placement Tool

After identifying candidates, match them to best-fitting roles based on a combination of personality and skill sets.

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“Relias Assessments is an evidence-based tool that allows nurse managers, educators, HR to make smart hiring decisions.”


More and more, organizations are hiring from a limited applicant pool. Continuous investment in employees make them feel empowered, valued, and emerge as leaders. Assessments data helps you identify developmental areas, continuously measure competencies, and cultivate future leaders.

Onboarding Supplement

Identify specific learning opportunities to provide the orientation and onboarding support new hires need before delivering care.

Lateral Transfers

Provide a smooth transition process for transfers by identifying and addressing competency gaps.

Developmental Guide

Provide managers and educators with insight into a new hire’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and characteristics to use for future developmental purposes.

Leadership Reports

Identify future leaders by measuring competencies and behavioral attributes unique to leadership positions and proactively creating succession plans.

Annual Evaluations

Evaluate annual competencies for existing staff and identify individual and group educational needs to focus time and resources.


on improving satisfaction, increasing retention and maximizing quality of care.