Acute Performance Management

Reduce Variation And Improve Outcomes

Accelerate continuous quality improvement and eliminate waste in acute care settings.


Providers and health systems strive to deliver the best quality of care, but technology and resource constraints often make it difficult to know where to focus their efforts and how to improve outcomes. Giving providers direct visibility into pertinent quality and cost data provides them with a robust view of care variation, quality and waste, so they can understand the impact on their practice.

Dynamic Quality Scorecards

Share performance against key indicators, based on cohorts, monitor quality and associated volume/efficiency indicators.

Customizable Cohorts

Easily build flexible comparisons around related encounters to provide insight into variation and leading providers.

Detailed Charge Analysis

See how charges distribute across providers and categories to surface variation.

Automated PI Plans

Continuously assess performance improvement initiatives to ensure success and automatically measure the return of improvement efforts.

What-if Scenario Modeling

Model the impact of standardization around bright spot performers and best practices.

“Relias Performance Solutions enable health systems to thrive in a value-based world.”


Bringing clinical, operational, and financial data together creates a clear picture of how clinical performance impacts reimbursements and operational sustainability. Transparency across the organization enables leaders to understand how standardizing around best practices could create measurable improvement, and what changes would have the most impact. Succeeding in value-based care demands a whole-team effort. Engaging physicians and clinical leaders with areas of focus accelerates improvement and helps organizations deliver value-based care.

Data Integration

Reduce the burden and reliance on IT by automating manual data prep, metric calculation and analysis, decreasing time to insight.

Value-based Metrics

Automated metrics support performance and reporting on value-based purchasing programs.

Custom Targets

Set relevant targets based on your organizational goals.

Bright Spot Identification

Identify leading providers to foster engagement and collaboration around best practices.

Root-Cause Analysis

Guided root-cause analysis for each measure enables you to expose variation easily and understand how it impacts your system.

Targeted Recommendations

Suggested learning and evidence-based best practices help close the gaps identified through analytics and effect change.


Focused performance improvement creates a clear path to success for busy providers and healthcare organizations. Automated delivery and analysis reduces time-to-value and helps care teams provide quality care and reduce costs. Optimizing acute care through care standardization and sharing of best practices leads to better outcomes for patients, providers, and health systems.


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