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The Nurses’ March Organized for Reflection, Healing, and Hope

Organizers petition for National Caregiver Memorial Day to honor the healthcare workers and patients who lost their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic

On May 12, The Nurses’ March will take place to unite and recognize caregivers across the country at the U.S. Capitol. This event is the first ever to honor those who lost their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic and pay tribute to the nursing community.

Why Nurses March

Tomorrow’s march will unite nurses, supporters, organizations, families, and caregivers for the first time to memorialize friends and colleagues lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. Symbolically held on International Nurses Day — the final day of National Nurses Week each year — the event will also commemorate the nursing profession and advocate for change.

“This is the first opportunity that nurses and caregivers could gather in memoriam to our lost colleagues,” said Marla Barthen, RN, BCPA, lead organizer of The Nurses’ March. “We need this moment to honor them and the sacrifices we have all made in the line of duty. We need to heal the nurses in order to heal the nation.”

The march is also calling for a National Caregiver Memorial Day to honor  healthcare workers and patients who lost their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sign the petition to support the annual day of recognition.

March Agenda

The march and memorial service will take place at the Washington Monument, 2 15th Street NW, Washington, DC, 20024. The event will include speeches, a memorial service, and entertainment.  Register to attend the event.

The memorial will begin at 10:00 a.m. with blessings and a moment of silence for those we lost. It will include recognition for our White Rose Families, those families who lost caregivers, and musical performances by the nurse-led gospel choir, the Anointed Henry Sisters and the Keynotes. A special tribute is planned to honor the recent passing of nurse Naomi Judd.

Featured speakers include Rebecca Love of IntelyCare, Dr. Zubin Damania (a.k.a. ZDoggMD), Rep. Joe Courtney, Stephanie Gattas of The Pink Berets, and Trish Richardson of Nurse.com from Relias.

Well-known recording artists and musical guests with connections to healthcare will give tribute messages to nurses during the event . Dawn Lunsford and Joshua Strickland, will entertain the crowd. U.S. Senate Chaplain, Rear Admiral Barry Black, will give the benediction.

Nurse.com and HOLLIBLU, a community-building app for nurses, have come together to support the march and help nurses connect with one another at the event in real time, whether in person or virtual.

Cara Lunsford, RN, Founder and CEO of HOLLIBLU and Vice President of Community at Nurse.com, has long understood the physical and mental implications of providing nursing care. “We are grateful to have this opportunity to be a sponsor of The Nurses’ March, an incredible event that will pay tribute to our fallen healthcare heroes and honor those who continue to serve our society’s most vulnerable,” said Lunsford, who believes The Nurses’ March will be a powerful, much-needed space to grieve and heal.

Sponsors and Partners

The Nurses’ March has partnered with Nurse.com, IntelyCare, the Pink Berets, ELAN Elements of Health, Nurse Jessica Sites, Nurses Against Violence Unite, Beautiful Nurses Magazine, Vitiligo Bond, CBD Stat, Nurse Approved, and Show Me Your Stethoscope who are all committed to the advancement of healthcare.

Support the nonprofit event by donating.

About Relias

Relias provides lifelong workforce enablement solutions for 12,000 healthcare and human services organizations and 4.5 million caregivers to drive measurable outcomes. Customers use Relias solutions to attract and retain talent, elevate care quality and reduce risk with our technology, services, community, and expertise. The Relias family of brands — Nurse.com, Wound Care Education Institute, Relias Academy, FreeCME, and Relias Media — serves the entire healthcare community and shares a common goal of improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of society and those who care for them. 

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