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Relias Welcomes Delegation of Chinese Senior Care Executives for Tour of U.S. Facilities

Multi-state trip offered executives opportunity to learn best practices and share key learnings with U.S. senior care providers

CARY, NC, February 5, 2019 – Relias, a trusted partner to more than 10,000 healthcare organizations around the world, last month welcomed a contingent of senior care executives from China to the U.S. The tour was designed to provide the Chinese executives with a better understanding of the U.S. senior care industry and its best practices by visiting and communicating with US senior care facility executives. Senior care is a growing but under-developed industry in China where there are almost 250 million over the age of 60.

Relias led a tour of 10 executives to a variety of senior care facilities in North Carolina, Florida and New Jersey. The tour also featured a panel discussion featuring a select group of executive leaders from senior care facilities in North Carolina, answering questions and providing unique insight and expert perspectives on senior care facilities and operations in the United States. The tour also provided an opportunity for Relias to better understand the current state of the Chinese senior care industry, which will inform future improvements to Relias’ solutions and services in China.  Relias opened operations in Beijing, China in 2017 and has experienced rapid growth over the past two years.

“As our international presence has grown, our leadership team saw an opportunity for Relias to engage key stakeholders for a mutually beneficial experience,” said Jim Triandiflou, CEO of Relias. “Our desire to bring value to our clients goes beyond providing the best assessments, performance metrics and training products. We are constantly looking for innovate ways to help our clients get better.”

“During the leadership tour, we visited various senior care facilities, including assisted living, CCRC, and skilled nursing, where we got to see their daily operation and had the opportunity to meet and communicate with the executives of those facilities,” said Yan LIU, General Manager of Hebei Jinshili Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. “This significantly helped us better understand US senior care industry and gave us so much inspiration and insights on how to contribute to senior care services in China. Despite the senior care industry is still at its early stage in China, we believe the current situation of US senior care will be the future of China’s.”

The leadership tour delivered value not just for the visiting officials from China, but their U.S. counterparts as well. The exchange of key learnings and best practices was seen as delivering benefits for both sides.

“Even though we only spent a few hours with the group we hope we have created a relationship that will continue to bring the China team and Greystone opportunities to work together in the near future,” said Ray Benegas, Director IT of Greystone Healthcare, one of several host companies that partnered with Relias for this tour. “While we may have some cultural differences, we both know it is imperative to care for those who cannot care for themselves.”

With international offices in China, the UK and Germany Relias is well positioned to arrange and produce these valuable trips in an effort to help organizations across all aspects of healthcare get better.

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