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Relias Learning Continues Push Beyond Learning with Purchase of Analytics Provider Care Management Technologies

Acquisition reinforces strategic emphasis on providing multi-solution suite of offerings targeted to meet the needs of evolving healthcare industry

CARY, NC, April 13, 2017 – Relias Learning, a trusted partner in online analytics, assessments, and learning for the healthcare market, today announced the acquisition of Morrisville, N.C.-based Care Management Technologies (CMT). CMT offers best-in-class, evidence-based behavioral health analytics and decision-support tools to help payers and providers better coordinate care for persons with complex needs. The acquisition complements Relias’ core learning offerings and, along with the assessment tools from recently acquired APS, provides clients with a suite of products to reduce costs, improve care and identify areas for key workforce development.

“CMT’s robust analytics capabilities can help payers and behavioral health providers uncover real insights that lead to improved patient care and measurable improvement in workforce training and management,” said Jim Triandiflou, CEO of Relias Learning. “With CMT, and the recently acquired APS, Relias can now offer clients a unique suite of products that apply analytics, assessments, and learning to get people healthy and help organizations maximize reimbursement.”

CMT boasts broad expertise and extensive experience in behavioral health and advanced technologies. This combination of expertise and experience has enabled the development of proprietary health information technology that is behaviorally health-focused and unique in the marketplace. CMT also offer payers a scalable solution to address less severe behavioral health issues prevalent in their larger populations.

“As part of Relias, we now have the opportunity to use data analysis, not only to drive care but to drive targeted work force development and performance,” explained Carol Clayton,PhD, Translational Neuroscientist for Relias and  former CEO of CMT. “Our combined solutions change the equation exponentially, leading to improved consumer outcomes while sustaining and growing an expert workforce.”

Over the past ten years, CMT has developed an extensive array of algorithmic rules based in evidence that promote improvements in care, both behaviorally and medically, including validation of rules that provide predictive, prospective identification of near term preventable hospitalizations and emergency room presentations. These tools, now accessible via CMT’s online portal, ProAct, are used by health plans, behavioral health organizations, medical and behavioral health homes and ACO’s to support the management of integrated and holistic care across the entire continuum of service settings.

“In an industry where most analytics companies have been attempting to ‘tack’ behavioral health components onto physical health-focused analytics, CMT is the only population health analytics company that I know of that really has had an integrated physical and behavioral health focus since the very beginning,” said Jeff Chang, CEO of PCE Systems and a CMT partner.

Chang continued, “CMT brings real-world expertise and experience to help their clients address the whole health of consumers. This is particularly important given that consumers with combined physical and behavioral health conditions are some of the highest need individuals in the entire healthcare system.”

CMT is one of six acquisitions by Relias since March of 2016. The acquisitions are an integral part of a growth strategy to expand across the continuum of healthcare while also moving beyond compliance to combine analytics, assessments, and learning to help healthcare organization improve performance. In addition, Relias announced in 2016 that it planned to add 450 employees over five years at its Cary, NC headquarters.

About CMT
Care Management Technologies (CMT) is a data analytics company with broad expertise and extensive experience in using data, evidenced based research   and advanced technologies to point to areas of risk for high cost, poor quality care, and provide clinically actionable considerations.  CMT works with forward-thinking payer and provider organizations across the nation to address the opportunities and challenges presented by the broad continuum of health population needs—supporting both payer and provider by assisting with managing risk, promoting health and wellness and ensuring efficiency in clinical services and operations. To learn more, please visit https://cmthealthcare.com.

About Relias

Relias provides lifelong workforce enablement solutions for 12,000 healthcare and human services organizations and 4.5 million caregivers to drive measurable outcomes. Customers use Relias solutions to attract and retain talent, elevate care quality and reduce risk with our technology, services, community, and expertise. The Relias family of brands — Nurse.com, Wound Care Education Institute, Relias Academy, FreeCME, and Relias Media — serves the entire healthcare community and shares a common goal of improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of society and those who care for them. 

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