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Relias Media Named Finalist in 3 Specialized Journalism Award Categories

This is Relias Media’s third consecutive year of recognition in prestigious editorial honors

Relias, trusted education partner to more than 11,000 healthcare and human services organizations and 4.5 million caregivers worldwide, announced today that Relias Media has been selected as a finalist in three categories for the 69th Annual Jesse H. Neal Awards.

According to its website, the Neal Awards “were established in 1955 to recognize and reward editorial excellence in business media.” They were named after Jesse H. Neal, the first managing director of American Business Media.

Relias Media was chosen for various assets in the Best Instructional Content, Best News Coverage, and Best Technical/Scientific Content categories.

“We have a truly talented team of editors, writers, and subject matter experts,” said Jason Schneider, Editor at Relias Media. “Our Neal Awards nominations are a testament to that and the high quality and timeliness of our content and products.”

  • The Best Instructional Content finalist is the article, “Answering Patient Questions About COVID-19,” published in Primary Care Reports with acknowledgement to C.S. Solomon, BSPharm, RPh; Glen D. Solomon, MD; Gregory Wise, MD, SME editor; and Jason Schneider, editor.
  • The Best News Coverage finalist is a four-article series called, “Endemic Monkeypox: What’s Next?,” published in Hospital Infection Control & Prevention with acknowledgement to ​​​​​​​Gary Evans, medical writer, and Jason Schneider, editor.
  • The Best Technical/Scientific Content finalist is the article, “Identifying Pediatric Cervical Spine Injuries,” published in Pediatric Emergency Medicine Reports with acknowledgement to Joy Hallmark, MD; Daniel Robinson, MD; Daniel Migliaccio, MD; Ann M. Dietrich, MD, SME editor; and Mike Gates, digital editor.

The four-article series addressing the Monkeypox (Mpox) outbreak of 2022 is noteworthy for providing timely content addressing a serious health crisis as it was actively unfolding.

“Perhaps even more than COVID-19, the near simultaneous emergence of Mpox in many industrialized countries that had rarely seen a case showed that we are in an era of rapidly emerging infections and pandemics,” said Gary Evans, Medical Writer for Relias Media. “While vaccines and modern medicine were brought to bear by many wealthy nations, it raises the moral question of why Mpox has been largely ignored since it emerged in Africa in 1970. This age of infectious disease isolation is ending — because what arises anywhere can be somewhere else in just 24 hours.”

Relias Media has a decades-long tradition of producing award-winning, specialized journalism and continuing education resources. Its offerings cover myriad topics for physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals of every stripe.

“The content quality of Relias Media is truly excellent, and we’re delighted that it’s getting this recognition from the Neal Awards,” said Maria Samot, Senior Vice President of Content at Relias. “It’s an honor for Relias to be acknowledged alongside so many esteemed organizations and proof positive that the Relias Media team does a great deal in furthering Relias’ mission.”

“The Neal Awards represents the best of the best in B2B journalism,” said Leslie Coplin, managing editor of Relias Media. “It’s an honor for Relias Media to be chosen as finalists by our peers, and we look forward to learning the winners.”

Winners will be announced at the in-person Neal Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 21, 2023, at the New York Marriott Marquis, New York, NY.

About Relias Media

Relias Media, part of Relias, provides medical information, publications, and continuing education to healthcare professionals with the ultimate goal of improving patient care and outcomes. Formerly known as AHC Media, Relias Media has a long history of fostering professional development through award-winning healthcare and clinically relevant content in emergency medicine, clinical medicine, and hospital management. Relias Media is part of parent company Relias’ family of brands, which includes Relias Academy, FreeCME, Wound Care Education Institute, and Nurse.com that share a common goal to improve the lives of the most vulnerable members of society and those who care for them.

About Relias

Relias provides lifelong workforce enablement solutions for 12,000 healthcare and human services organizations and 4.5 million caregivers to drive measurable outcomes. Customers use Relias solutions to attract and retain talent, elevate care quality and reduce risk with our technology, services, community, and expertise. The Relias family of brands — Nurse.com, Wound Care Education Institute, Relias Academy, FreeCME, and Relias Media — serves the entire healthcare community and shares a common goal of improving the lives of the most vulnerable members of society and those who care for them. 

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