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Relias Learning to Provide Complimentary Training to Promote Autism Awareness Month

Relias offers two free parent training courses to bring more awareness to autism.

CARY, NC, April 2, 2015 — Relias Learning, the leader in online training and compliance solutions for the health and human services market, offers two free training courses for parents during April, which is Autism Awareness Month.

Autism Awareness month is about inclusion, self-determination, and making sure everyone with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) has the opportunity to live the highest quality of life possible. Given that diagnosis of autism has increased more than 119% from 2000-2010 to 1 in 68 children, awareness is more important than ever.

Increased awareness has helped empower 40 states to enact autism insurance reform legislation, which requires autism-related coverage by insurance providers in each state.

Autism service providers face an ever-increasing need to provide training to parents, so that parents can understand, support, and provide generalization opportunities for interventions being implemented by practitioners.

“Relias exists to improve the lives of the most vulnerable members of society and those that care for them,” said Eric Masters, Vice President of Marketing at Relias Learning. “Often, families, parents and community members are critical components of the caring network, we hope that these free training courses will help further awareness and support for those living with ASD.”

In an effort to bring further awareness to autism, Relias Learning has made two parent training courses available for free to the public. The courses are accessible on the Relias Academy site (www.reliasacademy.com)

Relias offers additional resources to support broad awareness and educational efforts, including:

To learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), its prevalence, who can be affected, and impacts of diagnosis, view this educational video.

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