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Relias Learning Presents Annual Core Value Award to Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office

Relias Learning, the leader in SaaS-based training and compliance solutions for the public safety market, recently presented their annual Core Value Award to the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office. Located in Rockdale County, GA, the Sheriff’s Office was presented this award during the second annual Relias Learning User Conference, which was held in Nashville, TN this past September. The award was given based on Rockdale County’s desire to improve training outcomes and an overall thirst for learning. The sheriff’s office was selected out of a group of over 300 conference attendees.

“The Core Value Award is given to organizations that leverage best practices in training to drive meaningful impacts in their organization,” said Jim Triandiflou, CEO of Relias Learning.   “It’s very exciting to see the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office put such a great effort in improving training outcomes within their own organization.”
The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office began using online training through Relias Learning in August 2013. Since that time, the sheriff’s office has been able to formalize a more effective new-hire training program, as well as better prepare staff for day-to-day scenarios.  Rockdale has been able to use the Relias Learning Management System to track and assign courses for staff to take—as well as the ability to develop internal training specific to their facility.

According to Major Kinlein, jail commander at Rockdale, jail officers have been able to acquire more training in less time by using a blended training approach. This approach involves combining live, face-to-face training with online courses. This new approach to training has resulted in:

  • Reduction in use of force incidents
  • Quicker new-hire onboarding process
  • More accurate proof of training for compliance

Earlier this year, the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office hosted a roadshow with Relias Learning to discuss the current state of training and some of the issues preventing facilities from effectively educating staff. The roadshow had a turnout of more than 20 officers from neighboring counties.  Among other topics, the roadshow emphasized the blended training approach Rockdale County has adopted and how it can be applied in other agencies.

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