Relias Learning Launches New Learning Management System

On June 22, 2013, Relias Learning, formerly known as Silverchair Learning, Essential Learning, and Care2Learn, launched its new Relias Learning Management System (RLMS). This new platform boasts enhanced reporting features and an overall better user experience.

Replacing the previous Elevate (Essential Learning) and SLS For Staff (Silverchair Learning Systems) training platforms, the purpose of this new learning management system was to provide customers with enhanced reporting features and an improved user experience. It was also imperative to make sure all users were using the same platform since Essential Learning, Silverchair Learning, and Care2Learn have unified as Relias Learning.

From a technological and usability standpoint, the RLMS is a significant upgrade from previous platforms. “With Relias, the engineering team brought together all of the best ideas from two market leaders, Essential Learning and Silverchair Learning Systems,” says Ben Johnson, Vice President of Integration; who played an integral role in the development of the RLMS, “and created the best training solution for the markets we serve.” Through customer feedback and extensive user testing, the Relias Engineering team, with assistance from outside experts in the field of user experience design, carefully constructed the RLMS to reflect the needs of those interacting with the system.

Some new features of the RLMS include:

  • Auto Enrollment of learners
  • Live dashboard to monitor training sliced by organizational department
  • Enhanced course authoring tools so organizations can develop their own content
  • Ability to upload outside training received in to the system
  • More reporting functionalities to track staff training
  • Live event management

The RLMS was also developed to be more user-friendly than previous platforms. “We paid extraordinary attention to the user experience,” explains Ben, “This simplifies administration and makes the system really easy to use.”

By eliminating potentially confusing navigation options, learners and administrators interacting with the system can spend their time in the RLMS more efficiently. There is also a list of resources including videos and how-to guides to help users get started. All of this comes together with the goal of creating a powerful, yet straightforward learning management system to further improve the process of staff training. “Together with high value features like dashboards, we’re confident the new Relias Learning Management System will drive extraordinary value for our customers and promote long-term success among our healthcare and human services providers.”


About Relias Learning:


Relias Learning provides an online training solution for senior care, health and human services, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and correctional facilities. The product of a merger between Silverchair Learning, Essential Learning, and Care2Learn, Relias Learning delivers breadth and depth of content unrivaled by its competitors. Through its user-friendly Learning Management System, organizational administrators can report and deliver mandatory training to their staff 24/7—without the hassle of scheduling live trainings or maintaining unwieldy paper reporting documents.


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For more than 11,000 healthcare organizations and 4.5 million caregivers, Relias continues to help clients deliver better clinical and financial outcomes by reducing variation in care. Our platform employs performance metrics and assessments to reveal specific gaps in skills and addresses them with targeted, personalized and engaging learning. We help healthcare organizations, their people, and those under their care, get better. Better at identifying problems, addressing them with better knowledge and skills, and better outcomes for all. Let us help you get better:

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