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Relias Launches First-of-Its-Kind, Integrated Platform to Reduce Variation in Healthcare

Platform combines Analytics, Assessments and Learning to identify variations in care, assess clinician knowledge, and deliver targeted training to improve outcomes.

CARY, NC, April 3, 2018 – Relias, a trusted partner focused on reducing variation in care for more than 7,000 clients around the world and across the continuum of healthcare, today announced the upcoming release of a new, integrated platform designed to help healthcare organizations improve care and reduce costs. Combining targeted analytics and assessment tools with the best-in-class learning management system, the new platform will help organizations identify problem areas, test the knowledge of their clinicians, and then deliver specific training to close knowledge gaps and improve skill.

Relias has developed the platform to help healthcare organizations address the critical issues that get in the way of better healthcare outcomes and financial results. The Relias approach to improving performance focuses on targeted solutions that quantify problems with its proprietary analytics platform, assess individual staff members’ knowledge and skills, and prescribe programs to teach, sustainably change clinician behavior, and measure progress. As a result, better performance can be measured by Return-On-Investment and lives positively impacted.

“Why is it that if three different people with the same condition see three different clinicians they might get treated three different ways?  There are standards of care in place that are proven to get people healthier,” said Jim Triandiflou, CEO of Relias. “This new platform, combining analytics, assessments and prescriptive learning is the only system available to providers that will identify unnecessary variation in care and teach clinicians how to provide consistent, world class care.”

Challenges such as the opioid epidemic, rising cesarean birth rates, hiring and retaining skilled staff, and the overwhelming costs of the healthcare system itself, have placed enormous pressure on healthcare providers and payers. The integrated solutions contained in the Relias platform are specifically designed to address these and other critical issues.

“We’ve designed the platform to help healthcare professionals move beyond merely identifying problems –through dashboards and analytics – to providing tightly integrated solutions that directly address those problems for measurable improvement,” explained Ben Johnson, Chief Product Officer at Relias. “Many of the high costs associated with healthcare are driven by variation. We believe combining analytics, assessments, and prescriptive learning can help our clients reduce this variation, change behavior, and improve patient outcomes.”

The Relias integrated platform is scheduled to be available to client partners in Q3 2018.

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