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Solutions that measurably impact care delivery and business performance

Improve Quality of Care with a Stronger Workforce

Hire nurses in the right positions. Onboard them faster by addressing knowledge gaps. Provide continuing education that is personalized and applicable during care delivery.


Maintain Compliance while Developing Careers

Train your staff with accredited content, meeting the needs of over 20+ disciplines, and stay on top of changing regulations.

Learning Management System


Hire and Retain the Best Nurses

Screen candidates to hire nurses in the best-fitting specialities and personalize their onboarding experience.

Nurse Hiring and Placement


Mitigate Risk

Identify opportunities for continuing education using data analytics to reduce risk and increase patient safety.

Value-Based Performance Management

High-Risk Specialties

Maintain Compliance and Develop Staff Through Training

Accredited educational content covering a variety of disciplines helps meet requirements and deliver consistent, high-quality care.

Comprehensive training for your staff

Your hospital staff encompasses several disciplines, which means searching for different training content for each specialty area. To make matters more complicated, regulatory requirements are ever-changing! Even with the right content, figuring out a consistent way to assign and report compliance is another headache.

Alleviate your stress and free up time by investing in a high-quality training program. Training content should fulfill compliance, and also include topics that drive performance and outcomes, such as leadership. The Relias Learning Management System (RLMS) delivers accredited content, covering 20+ disciplines, that can be easily tracked and reported.

Learn more about how you can train and develop your staff through a user-friendly learning management system.


Reduce Nurse Turnover Through Better Hiring and Placement

Validated assessments help hire nurses in the right roles, who will ultimately stay with you longer and provide better care.

engage your clinicians

Building the best team of clinicians

The costs and consequences of nurse burnout and turnover are significant. Nurse vacancy requires the hospital to reinvest in hiring, onboarding, and training a new nurse, all the while shifting additional patient loads to other nurses. Hospitals experience financial repercussions, as well as the possible negative effects on patient experience.

Set your nurses up for success by ensuring that they are initially placed in the right positions. Nurses in the right roles, who are more satisfied and engaged, tend to provide more effective and competent care. Prophecy® helps hospitals streamline the hiring process and place nurses in specialities that best match their strengths, based on clinical, situational, and behavioral skills.

Learn more about how you can hire and retain top talent using a validated pre-hire assessment tool.

Reduce the Risk of an Adverse Event in High-Risk Specialties

Ensure your doctors and nurses reduce the variation of practice in obstetrics and emergency medicine

How much variation do your doctors and nurses have in their knowledge and delivery of care?

If your hospital can reduce the variation of practice and ensure providers and nurses have the same foundational knowledge, you can reduce the risk of a costly adverse event. GNOSIS™ assesses your clinicians' baseline knowledge and judgment and then provides a learning path that educates only on what the learner needs. From there, a post-assessment identifies improvements made and any need for continued education. Your hospital can benchmark individual and group data to narrow learning gaps, reduce variation in practice, and improve patient safety in the high risk areas of obstetrics and emergency medicine. With GNOSIS data, you can measurably see the results of learning.

GNOSIS Before and After Chart

Maintain Board Certification and Licensure

Does your staff have easy access to content to earn their CMEs/CEs?

worry-free audits

Path to worry-free audits

Tracking and maintaining your clinical staff's certification and licensure can be a hassle, especially if it is not all in one central place.

Relias offers maximum CMEs and CEs (ACCME, ANCC) with over 115 accreditations. These credits are available anytime, anywhere through mobile learning and are easily managed and tracked for any audit needs!