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Celebrating Patient Safety Awareness Week

For organizations like the National Patient Safety Foundation, improving the quality of patient care is top of mind every day. At Relias, it’s also our focus every day. That’s why we developed our solutions and that’s why more than 60,000 clinicians have embraced Relias Clinical Solutions (formerly GNOSIS) and 1/3 of all U.S. nurses have used Relias Assessments (formerly Prophecy). To celebrate our clients’ progress, we join the NPSF in celebrating Patient Safety Awareness Week.

Undeniably, as an industry we’ve made great strides, but there is still more work to be done.

Take for example the U.S. maternal mortality rate…where countries like Kazakhstan, Croatia, and Libya are far outpacing us and neonate claims related to OB remain the highest by more than 50% as compared to other areas in the hospital. Or look at the national nurse turnover rate exceeding 17 percent, which negatively impacts high reliability. Patient safety needs to be a priority, and beyond this week.

To that end, we have launched the Mothers and Babies First Project with AWHONN and select GNOSIS clients. Together with some of the nation’s top health systems, we are researching and building a play book for standardized, evidence-based obstetrics education and training.

We’ve also launched the Onboarding Innovation Council with select Prophecy clients. We’re examining best practices to personalize education for newly-hired nurses to improve retention and avoid the harmful disruption of nurse turnover.

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