Factoring in Compliance

Maintaining compliance doesn’t have to be a demanding experience. 2020 was a challenging year for hospitals, but innovation has never been more dynamic and effective. After seemingly insurmountable challenges have been conquered, continue the spirit of innovation by taking a fresh approach to compliance requirements in your organization.

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Compliance Made Easy: Seven Smart Tips

Maintaining compliance doesn't have to be a challenge. This e-book shows you how to access convenient, engaging courses for your organization’s unique needs and introduces you to helpful features like automated tracking and reporting so you can put your training on autopilot and make compliance easy.

Discover Seven Essential Tips. Download the E-Book on Compliance.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

With great opportunity comes great responsibility, and the healthcare industry is unfortunately falling short in terms of ensuring DEI for both industry associates and patients. Given that this is such an important responsibility, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

How To Prioritize DEI. And Why You Must.

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Increase Employee Engagement With Compliance Training

Compliance safeguards an organization’s reputation and fiscal strength by avoiding government-imposed financial penalties. But it can also boost staff confidence and competence, aiding retention, and supporting high-quality service.

Discover the Internal Benefits Compliance Training Has To Offer.

Additional Compliance Resources For You & Your Team

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Blog: Seven Smart Compliance Tips to Address Risk Management Issues

For organizations in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry, the challenges of maintaining compliance with myriad regulations and governing bodies is a full-time job. Here are seven simple steps you can take to help your compliance efforts run smoothly.

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Infographic: What You Need In Your Compliance Toolbox

With pressing goals of providing high-quality care at low costs, it’s imperative to have the right content and tools to easily manage and track compliance. Follow these steps to develop a strong compliance program that will engage your staff, mitigate risk, and maximize reimbursements.

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Blog: 12 Days of Compliance - Part 1

Fostering employee engagement can increase retention and help keep your organization in compliance. Read below to learn four ways to engage your employees and check compliance off your list.

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Blog: 12 Days of Compliance - Part 2

Compliance is about more than just yearly mandatory training. You stay compliant because you want to provide quality care, reduce risk, and eliminate variations in care. To meet those goals, you need to be tracking the performance of your team.

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Blog: 12 Days of Compliance - Part 3

Traditional methods of pen and paper or spreadsheets cost you time, resources, and money and opens you up to risk. Automation allows you to build consistency and streamline practices and processes – making compliance much more manageable.

How Are You Maintaining Compliance?

Paying attention to compliance is crucial to the well-being of your patients and the fiscal strength of your organization. Utilizing the Relias learning management system (LMS) can help you manage your staff’s learning and standardize your content and processes in order to maintain compliance and improve performance, as well as benefit clinical and financial results.

Automate Tracking & Reporting: Keep your records on annual required training, competency improvement, custom live training, and licensing and certifications all in one place for easy tracking and retrieval. With Relias, you can also customize reports that let you monitor quality and performance and respond quickly to surveys and audits.

Streamline & Personalize Training: Schedule orientation training via the Relias LMS, which will send reminders to the learner and notifications to the supervisor as deadlines approach. Personalize learning with customizable plans including targeted, accredited courses and short, skill-based modules.

Complete the form to the right to speak to a Relias representative about how to incorporate our tools and education to keep your team compliant, no matter what new regulations come your way.

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