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Need support?

Whether you're having trouble finding your training or navigating our website, we're here to help.



1. How do I log into the LMS? 

If you know your login information but not your custom organization URL, use our universal login. Simply enter your username and password to log into your training website.

If your company doesn't participate in universal login, ask the administrator or supervisor at your organization. If they need help, they can visit our administrator and supervisor support portal and submit a support ticket. Our team will provide them the info they need. 


2. Where do I find my training?

Your training is available through your company’s customized training portal. If you are a learner, you can see your listed of assigned courses by clicking on “My Learning” once logged into your account. If your organization allows, you can also search for courses on your own by clicking on the “Browse Elective Courses” button to search for available courses.


3. My courses are not opening.

Please make sure you are using IE 10 or above, or Google Chrome to access Relias. If your courses do not open, ensure you are using the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash (download available here) and that you have allowed pop-up’s on your browser (instructions here).


4. How do I add my license information?

To add your license to your account, click on the Licenses/Certifications section at the top of your page as a Learner. From here you can add a new license “Add A License” or edit existing license information by clicking on Edit next to your license.


5. How can I take courses for CE credit?

If your organization allows you to take your own courses, you can sign up for courses that will give you credit for your license renewal. Make sure you have entered your license information, then go to your “My Learning” page and click on the “Browse Elective Courses” button. A list of available courses will come up; at the top of the list look for the “All Licenses/Certifications” filter and click on it to open a list of licenses. Your license you entered should be at the top under My Licenses, and clicking on it will filter your list to show only courses that will give you CE credit upon completion. After clicking “Enroll”, the courses will show up on your “My Learning” page at the bottom in your Electives section.


6. How do I print certificates?

As an administrator, you can print certificates for your users by going to their transcript (the blue book on the Users page) and clicking the certificate icon under the course title. If you do not see this icon, you will need to go to the Settings page and enable the “Admin Certificate Printing” option.

As a learner, go to your “My Learning” page and then click on the “Transcript” tab to show a list of all of your completed courses. Under each course title, you will see a certificate icon that you can click to go to the print certificate page.

If you have trouble once getting to the print certificate page, please ensure that pop-ups are enabled and that you have selected a license (if applicable) and certificate in section 2 of the page.


7. How can I track my training if I move to a new job?

A Master Account lets you link multiple Relias accounts so you can get one comprehensive transcript of completed coursework with a single ID.  A Master Account gives you access to your completed coursework even if your Relias account becomes inactive. 

To add records to a Master Account, log in to your Relias account and link that username to a new or existing Master Account. If you're logged in to Relias Connect, step-by-step instructions are available.

To log in to your Master Account, go to Relias Academy and log in with your Master Account email and password.  From here you can access your Master Account transcript and print any certificates needed from your linked accounts.


8. I registered for a Relias webinar, but I didn’t get information about how to log in. 

Please check your spam folder! While we know you love Relias, your email provider may not. If you don’t find your invitation there, email us at marketingwebinars@relias.com and we’ll be happy to help.


9. I registered for a Relias webinar but now I can’t attend – or, I did attend, and would like the slides. What do I do?

We understand that life happens. You don’t need to let us know; we’ll send you (and everyone who’s registered) a link to get the slides or the recording, typically 24-48 hours after the event.