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Prevent Avoidable Rehospitalizations

Are your staff succeeding? Is your business?

Provide the Right Tools for Your Staff and Your Business

Preventing avoidable hospital readmissions is of growing concern for post-acute care providers. Rehospitalization is difficult for our seniors and puts them at greater risk for negative health outcomes. It also directly impacts the financial health of your business. Is your staff proficient in providing care to individuals with conditions included in the CMS Hospital Readmission Reduction Program?



Incorporate best practices and prevention strategies.

care coordination

Care Coordination

Ensure the continuity and quality of communication among care providers.

resident assessments


Learn to properly identify and address residents' needs.

Rehospitalization Tools and Resources

Download these helpful resources and start reducing avoidable hospitalizations

What Would You Do? A Rehospitalization Simulation

Avoidable rehospitalizations are a significant problem for the healthcare industry from both a quality of care and financial perspective. Nurses in long-term care facilities must be able to use their critical-thinking and decision-making skills in order to prevent negative outcomes that can result in rehospitalization.

Explore our fully immersive learning experience presented with simulated resident-care scenarios in which they must use learned skills to promote positive resident outcomes.

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Readmission Prevention for Post-Acute Care

Providing effective primary care interventions - taking a clinical approach - is the fundamental concept for the prevention of potentially avoidable hospitalizations. Nursing staff at post-acute organizations must be highly skilled in providing care for individuals with conditions such as pneumonia, heart failure exacerbations, complications associated with myocardial infarctions, and more.

Read the whitepaper to learn more about how post-acute care organizations can prevent avoidable rehospitalizations.

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Tools to Prevent Avoidable Rehospitalizations

Preventing avoidable hospital readmissions is a growing concern for many post-acute care providers. Rehospitalizations can put individuals at greater risk for negative health outcomes. They can also directly affect the financial health of your business.

Learn more about the courses we have to develop your staff with the knowledge and skills they need to prevent rehospitalizations, improve your bottom line, and improve the quality of care you provide.

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Assess and Educate to Prevent (Re)Hospitalizations

Many residents are sent to the hospital when they could have been managed at the facility. Why? In today’s climate of penalties to hospitals for these readmissions, your ability to keep residents in your facility will not only provide better care for your residents, but develop good relationships with your local hospitals. Find out how to improve your processes to keep your residents where they belong – in their home.

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