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Staff Recruiting, Onboarding and Retention

Remedies to retain your best talent, at every stage, all in one place

Attract the Right Candidates and Assess for Fit

Great candidates are attracted to organizations with training and development opportunities.

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Screenshot of Skillsoft Hiring Module
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Screenshot of Skillsoft Hiring Module

Nowadays, applicants seek employers that can provide development opportunities throughout their employment. And given the lack of leaders in the workforce, employers now want to attract candidates with the goal of building a leadership pipeline. Given the right tools, it’s a match made in heaven, right? Let Relias help you attract and keep better candidates.

Become an employer of choice

Advertising a “full package” training and development program as part of your recruitment strategy could be the only thing keeping you from having an organization filled with engaged employees, satisfied patients and clients, and a pipeline of future leaders.

Assess candidates for fit before hiring them

Designed by clinicians and validated by research, Relias Assessments enable healthcare organizations to identify and hire the best candidates by using behavioral, clinical, and situational assessments to predict future success.

Use Skillsoft® courses to improve managers’ recruitment and hiring skills

In partnership with Skillsoft, the global leader in workforce training and development, Relias can help your team develop or improve the essential skills needed to recruit, interview and hire new employees.


Personalized onboarding engages employees and prepares them to contribute more quickly and effectively.

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Make a good first impression with your onboarding program. We can help you build a more efficient onboarding program – from auto-enrolling new hires into training plans on day one – to taking advantage of a unique nurse onboarding program that is customized, by role, based on assessment findings.

Integrate our system with your HRIS

  • No set-up fees from Relias
  • Easily arranged via text file
  • Speedy turnaround
  • Reduces or eliminates data entry
  • New hires are auto-enrolled in training on day one via your HRIS

Onboard RNs with ANCC-accredited adaptive learning

  • First and only adaptive learning solution for nurse onboarding with content that is ANCC accredited
  • Customized approach increases speed to independent practice
  • Ensures readiness to provide safe and quality patient care

Upload your own courses, use ours or create custom courses

  • Upload your PowerPoint courses to be fully functional with mobile-optimized remote delivery and post-course testing
  • Enroll new hires into courses based on state and federal requirements
  • Create custom-designed online learning in collaboration with instructional design experts and clinically certified writers

Include policies and procedures in your onboarding training

  • Auto-assign to staff upon hire and on a recurring basis to ensure compliance
  • Built-in reminders and automated reporting
  • Revise and track in the RLMS
  • Update and approve existing policies using version control

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Employee Engagement

Excellent care stems from an engaged workforce. An engaged workforce stems from support and motivation.

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An employee’s training doesn’t stop after onboarding. In order to retain your new and existing staff, you must keep them continually engaged. Courses need to capture and maintain their interest. Managers need to provide regular feedback and support. Friendly competition and team communication needs to be encouraged.

Assign current, interactive courses

  • 5,000+ unique courses
  • Assessed and updated at least every three years
  • Created by in-house PhDs, RNs, MDs, BCBA-Ds and expert developers
  • Interactive content to encourage participation and comprehension
  • Scenario-based courses and simulated learning boost engagement

Build managers’ performance feedback skills

  • Improve competence and confidence when providing feedback
  • Conduct effective performance reviews
  • Tackle difficult conversations
  • Motivate and guide staff
  • Provide direct, immediate and actionable feedback to keep staff engaged

Boost motivation with leaderboards and badges

  • Motivate staff to complete training because they “want to” vs. “have to”
  • Encourage friendly competition among staff
  • Reward early course completions and high exam scores
  • Use leaderboards and badges to instill long-term motivation

Leadership and Skills Development

Providing opportunities for development shows employees you’re vested in their success.

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Keeping employees engaged after onboarding is important – but still not enough to retain them. Developing leaders is critical to remain competitive in your industry, and to maintain excellence in care. Leadership development should be a focus throughout an employee’s tenure. Relias helps you provide opportunities for staff to grow as existing or future leaders within your organization.

Offer free CE and CME courses

  • Investment in your staff’s development increases their willingness to stay
  • Staff no longer have to spend time arranging their own CE/CME
  • Free CE/CME can be used as leverage in your recruitment strategy to attract more candidates

Use assessments to predict nurse success

  • Recruit smarter with pre-hire assessments for nurses
  • Clinical, situational and behavioral insights reliably predict nurses’ success before they’re hired

Address gaps in knowledge with prescriptive learning

  • Identify opportunities for improvement
  • Use targeted learning paths to address those opportunities
  • Drive sustainable, long-term behavior change
  • Help staff grow their careers


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