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Staff Hiring and Retention

Remedies to retain your best talent, at every stage, all in one place

Full-Suite Solution for Healthcare Organizations

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Staff shortages, burnout, and challenging work environments contribute to increasing turnover rates. High turnover impacts quality of care and results in adverse clinical and financial outcomes.

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Relias helps you tackle these challenges by providing assessments, onboarding, and learning solutions that improve hiring and onboarding, enhance clinical competency, and develop emerging leaders.

Attract and Hire the Right Candidates

Select the right candidates with the right mix of clinical competency, personality attributes, and interpersonal skills.

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As professionals, we are the sum of multiple parts. Job knowledge is only one factor in successful job performance. Qualities such as personality, communication style, problem-solving skills, individual perceptions all contribute to the formula that makes each person a unique individual. Let Relias help you increase satisfaction and retention by hiring for job and organizational fit.

Assess candidates for fit before hiring them

Designed by clinicians and validated by research, Relias Assessments enables HR, nurse managers, and educators to identify and hire the best candidates by evaluating clinical competency, personality attributes, and interpersonal skills to predict future success.

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Increase satisfaction by setting staff up for success

After identifying and hiring the best-fit candidates, Relias Assessments gives you insight into the kind of role and work environment that would increase the new hire's success, productivity, and satisfaction.

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Become an employer of choice

Advertising a “full package” training and development program as part of your recruitment strategy could be the only thing keeping you from having an organization filled with engaged employees, satisfied patients and clients, and a pipeline of future leaders.

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Personalize Onboarding Programs

Personalized onboarding engages staff and prepares them to contribute more quickly and effectively.

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Make a good first impression with your onboarding program. We can help you build a more efficient onboarding program – from auto-enrolling new hires into training plans on day one – to taking advantage of tailored onboarding programs that are customized, by role, based on assessment findings.

Fulfill compliance requirements

The Relias learning management system (LMS) helps you easily fulfill federal and state regulatory requirements with up-to-date courses. Integrate our system with your HRIS to easily assign orientation and annual compliance training for the entire year.

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Onboard based on role, license, or certification

In addition to compliance requirements, the Relias LMS helps you prepare staff for care delivery by addressing knowledge and skill gaps with thousands of evidence-based courses based on role, licenses/certifications, or uploading self-authored courses.

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Onboard Med/Surg, ICU, L&D, ER nurses

Relias Onboarding is the first and only adaptive nurse onboarding solution that quickly and effectively prepares hospital nurses to safely and independently practice. Reduce the time and cost of onboarding, ensure readiness to practice, and improve nurse satisfaction.

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Use tools to streamline onboarding

Relias Assessments identifies strengths and areas of improvement to allow for customized onboarding for additional healthcare roles.

The Relias LMS provides helpful tools such as Quick Start training plans, Policies and Procedures Management, built-in reminders and automated reporting to reduce administrative burdens.

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Develop Ongoing Competency

Continuously measure and develop staff competency to improve quality of care.


An employee’s education doesn’t stop after onboarding. We help support lifelong learning through extensive content on current evidence-based practices to handle increasing levels of acuity and complexity in diverse populations.

Evaluate incumbent staff and transfers

Relias Assessments helps you evaluate annual competencies through post-hire assessments for existing staff and lateral transfers. Assessments help identify individual and group educational needs to focus educational resources.

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Address gaps in knowledge with prescriptive learning

Relias Clinical Learning Paths are designed to drive sustainable, long-term behavior change in key areas. Develop competencies in areas such as readmissions, opioids, pressure injuries, and integrated care.

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Assign current, interactive courses

The Relias LMS provides access to 5,000+ unique courses, created by in-house PhDs, RNs, MDs, BCBA-Ds and expert developers. Our interactive content is designed to encourage participation and comprehension.

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Use tools to manage performance improvement

The Relias LMS helps keep track of your staff's retention, skill level, and progress all in one place through built in end-of-course assessments, skills checklists and our Competency Tracker.

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Identify and Support Future Leaders

Providing opportunities for development shows employees you’re invested in their success.

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Competency development after onboarding is important but identifying and supporting leaders is critical to remain competitive and maintain excellence in care. Relias helps you provide opportunities for staff to grow as existing or future leaders within your organization.

Use Skillsoft® courses for targeted learning

In partnership with Skillsoft, the global leader in workforce training and development, Relias can help your team develop or improve leadership and managerial skills, including change management, performance feedback, and more.

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Use assessments to identify and develop leaders

Relias Assessments helps organization proactively identify future leaders and create succession plans to prepare them for the next steps within the organization.

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Offer free CE and CME courses

Investment in your staff’s development increases their willingness to stay. Staff no longer have to spend time arranging their own CE/CMEs. Free CE/CMEs can also be used as leverage in your recruitment strategy to attract more candidates.

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