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Population Performance Management

Effectively manage diverse patient populations and improve outcomes.

The Situation

Population Performance data
practice performance dashboard
Population Performance data

Population health is often narrowly assigned to mean “high-risk care” or “care coordination”. While caring for your high-risk patients is a necessary part of your overall strategy to population health management, effective approaches address the entire population.

Resource and time constraints make it difficult to get out ahead of the curve, which leaves many care providers in a reactive state focused on high-risk patients.

The Solution

With Relias Analytics Population Performance Management, you can see what is driving cost and quality variation across your entire population. Advanced machine learning surfaces relevant data around patients with co-morbidities and automates the identification of the highest-risk patients. Root-cause analysis and risk-adjusted views allow you to prioritize your efforts where you can immediately impact care quality.

physicians working with population performance management
Population Performance data in review

Health systems can struggle to identify key drivers affecting costs and patient satisfaction. Relias gives you actionable insights – and identifies evidence-based best practices and learning that can help you address underperforming elements. With a holistic approach to reducing variation in care and quality, Relias helps you remain competitive and deliver better outcomes.



  • Identify and serve highest-risk patients
  • Reduce unnecessary costs
  • Address underperforming care settings
  • Create culture of transparency and accountability
  • Empower care providers

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The Result

population performance management on screen

When each member of your team has the resources they need, they can serve the community and optimize returns on value-based contracts.


saved in COPD readmissions


saved in knee replacement ALOS


saved in COPD length of stay