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Population Health Management

Population Health Management

Improve the quality and experience of care while lowering costs.

Support the management of integrated and holistic care across the entire continuum of service settings with evidence-based analytics and decision-support tools that:

Deliver Actionable Insights on Populations and Patients

Implement a Robust Care Management Structure

Measure and Monitor Clinical and Financial Success

Transform Your Population Health Management Strategy

To provide better health, better care and lower costs, an effective population health management strategy needs to target all segments that make up your population, not just your high-risk patients. Preventive care, integrated across many different providers and locations, requires a new approach and innovative tool set to support continuous performance improvement. 

Relias Population Performance Management provides oversight to the performance of defined population, giving your team the information they need to proactively manage care. It closes the gap between data and care delivery by surfacing relevant insights into what is driving variation in cost and outcomes, and decreasing patient satisfaction and safety. The solution then automates the change management process and informs evidence-based clinical considerations to accelerate population health management.

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Relias Population Performance Management for Organizations Across Healthcare

Behavioral Health Providers

Aggregate and normalize data from multiple systems and sources to monitor performance and proactively target opportunities to improve care and lower costs.

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Get the knowledge and resources needed to address high-cost services before they occur, stratifying risks and suggesting evidence-based clinical actions at the right time.

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Hospitals and Health Systems

Leverage data-driven insights into hospital performance to identify opportunities and implement plans to improve clinical outcomes and financial performance.

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Resources to Get You Started

Population Health Management: Let’s Get Started

White Paper

Learn what makes a population health model successful and how best to prepare for the shift to population health service delivery.

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Using Decision Support for Success in a Pay-for-Value World

White Paper

Discover how technology can help overcome the challenges of delivering value-based care by translating complex data into actionable management decisions.

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Leveraging Data for Population Health Management

On-Demand Webinar

Listen to three organizations tell their stories about using population health data to drive down the cost of care while improving outcomes.

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About Relias Analytics

Relias Analytics came together with the acquisition of two companies: WhiteCloud Analytics (WhiteCloud) and Care Management Technologies, Inc. (CMT).

WhiteCloud brought twenty years of analytics and performance management best practices to Relias with its Healthcare Performance Management Platform, designed to help health systems optimize care, improve financial health and streamline operational efficiency.

CMT brought broad expertise and extensive experience in using data, evidence-based research and advanced technologies to identify areas of risk for high cost and poor quality care, and provide clinically actionable considerations. Its ProAct solution supports both payer and provider in achieving the Triple Aim – improving the quality and experience of care while lowering costs.

Relias Analytics uses data and supports payers and providers