Healthcare Continuing Education

Lifelong Learning To Improve Care Outcomes

CE and CME help clinicians stay current, meet licensing requirements, and refine skills to improve performance. Get a personalized product demo that meets your needs today!

Solutions for Healthcare Continuing Education

Continuing education is one of the key drivers of improved care delivery and outcomes. It helps clinicians meet license and certification requirements and provides them with opportunities for professional growth. With Relias, healthcare organizations can provide CE and CME at zero cost to clinicians across all specialties – a valuable benefit to attract talent in a landscape of high turnover.



With Relias Learning, you can invest in your team’s education by accessing an expansive library of digital content. The Relias Platform uses adult learning principles and a variety of tools to help staff build knowledge and retain skills.

Our Continuing Education Helps You:

Improve Patient Outcomes

Expand the knowledge, capabilities, and commitment of your clinicians so they can enhance the quality of care they provide. Better performance ultimately leads to better outcomes.

Cultivate Lifelong Learning

Expose staff to new ideas and strategies so they can continually review and retool their knowledge in a rapidly changing environment. Offer CE and CME not only for recertification or licence maintenance, but also to instill in clinicians a mindset to know more and do better.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Be seen as an employer of choice. Boost your applicant flow and retention rates by promoting free CE and CME in your recruiting communications.

Here’s How We Do It – Healthcare Continuing Education Features

More Than 5,000 Courses

With 5,000+ courses and more than 100 course libraries, the breadth and depth of our learning content provides clinicians with the precise CE and CME they need to remain current in their fields and continually improve their care delivery.

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Relevant CE & CME Content Developed by Experts

Our CE content is created in-house and informed by an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, national industry leaders and instructional design experts. Courses are assessed at least every three years to meet the regulatory needs of 135+ accrediting bodies.

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“I liked that other education opportunities in the site could be used by staff to maintain their certifications. We have very little tuition reimbursement money so changing to Relias was a big plus.”

Unlimited, Free Access for Clinicians

Healthcare organizations can provide CE and CME at no cost to clinicians. This frees up valuable time by removing their need to arrange training. It can also be leveraged in recruiting to attract more talent and boost your retention rate by investing in their development.

Expert, Effective Training

Learn how Genesis Rehab Services used Relias to make sure their team of clinicians were current on their skills and meeting their licensure requirements.

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