<p><img src="//relias.innocraft.cloud/piwik.php?idsite=2&amp;rec=1" style="border:0;" alt=""> Mental Health in Public Safety

This webinar provides a basic overview of what mental illness looks like in an offender and a brief discussion on the overlap of mental illness and the criminal justice system. Case scenarios are provided to demonstrate how mental illness may present within citizens/clients to law enforcement or other correctional professionals.

We are proud to have had Dr. Malinda Lamb join us as an expert presenter. Dr. Lamb holds a PhD in Social Work and is a Certified Criminal Justice Professional (CCJP) as well as an International Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor (IAADC).

Date: On-Demand
Duration: 1 hour


Dr. Malinda Lamb

Dr. Malinda Lamb PhD, LISW, CCJP, IAADC, SOTPI

Clinical Services Director, Sixth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services


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