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Relias Publications

Award-winning publications for physicians, nurses, and hospital administrators, capable of improving patient outcomes

Improving Quality of Care while Maintaining Licensures and Certificates

Education that ensures your staff stays informed on the latest information regarding clinical practice, scientific research, and healthcare management best practices.


Variety of Disciplines

Gain access to 10+ specialty areas including emergency medicine, trauma, pediatrics, and cardiology.

Award-Winning Content

Offer concise, peer-reviewed publication content that has won awards for excellence in publishing.

Accredited Provider

Accredited by ANCC, ACCME, and many others, earn CME/CEs to maintain licensures and certifications.

Our Top Publication Packages

Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Earn up to 72 CME/CE credits through 4 different peer-reviewed, easy-to-read publications.

Relias offers four EM publications that cover the latest clinical practices and research, as well as administrative topics, to ensure both patient and staff satisfaction.

For Physicians and Staff:

Emergency Medicine Reports & Pediatric Emergency Medicine Reports covers:

  • Specific conditions in patients presenting to the emergency department
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic techniques
  • Likely and rare complications that may be associated

For ED Directors and Administrators:

ED Legal Letter & ED Management covers:

  • Reducing overcrowding and delays
  • Complying with federal regulations and proper documentation
  • Managing risks and improving patient safety
  • Malpractice prevention



Earn up to 18 CME credits that fulfill trauma requirements for staff working at ACS trauma centers.

Relias offers two publications that cover trauma-specific topics, to deliver better care to patients with traumatic injuries, including children.

For Physicians and Staff:

Trauma Reports & Pediatric Trauma 2018 covers:

  • Conditions that should increase suspicion for traumatic injuries
  • Various modalities used to identify different traumatic conditions
  • Methods of quickly stabilizing and managing patients
  • Possible complications that may occur with traumatic injuries



Other Publication Options


Hospital Management


Case Management

Neurology and Stroke

Primary Care

Critical Care


Risk Management

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Read a Sample Publication

Read a sample issue from our Emergency Medicine Reports Publication

sample issue

This sample issue covers the topic of Mimics of ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI)

Readers will learn:

  • Early repolarization is the most common reason for false positive catheterization lab activation in ED patients with chest pain
  • New onset left bundle branch block (LBBB) is no longer considered a STEMI equivalent
  • The modified Sgarbossa criteria are useful in identifying an acute mycardial infarction in the presence of LBBB
  • The ratio of the ST segment to the dominant QRS wave > 0.25 suggests an acute infarct in the presence of left ventricular hypertrophy
  • The ST elevation associated with acute pericarditis is diffuse and most prominent in lateral and inferior leads