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rbt training

Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

40-hour online training that follows the BACB RBT Task List

Credential Your Staff

The easiest and most affordable way for agencies to train RBTs


Save time and money

Relias saves agencies 40 hours for every RBT credentialed

Free turnover seats

If an RBT is terminated or quits, train a new RBT free of charge

RBT Solutions

Relias’ RBT Library follows the BACB RBT Task List

Organization-Wide RBT Solution

Relias provides much more than training

Agency packages include:

Cost Analysis - Find out how much time and money the RBT credential will cost your organization.

Implementation Plan - Learn how to set up the most efficient RBT credentialing process for training, competency and supervision.

Interview Questions - Access interview questions to use during the competency assessment.

RBT Checklist - Make sure your agency has completed every RBT requirement.

Quality Training - Provide your staff with video examples, virtual practice exercises and downloadable study resources. Learn more about our training technology.

Agency packages include

Impact on Behavioral Healthcare Providers

Learn how the RBT credential may impact the financial and operational procedures of your agency

Written to help agencies

Written to help agencies

As more insurance companies and government entities adopt the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credential, agencies providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy will need to implement the RBT credential for their frontline staff.

RBT Training Program

This training program follows the Registered Behavior Technician Task List
and is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for the RBT credential.

The program is offered independent of the BACB.


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Course Preview

April 20 , 2016

Applied Behavior Analysis & Autism Service Providers Special Education Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Essentials

Preparing for Crisis Situations

Crisis prevention training is an important part of any training program when working with individuals who exhibit challenging behaviors.


March 02 , 2016

Universities Applied Behavior Analysis & Autism Service Providers Special Education Functional Behavior Assessments Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism Essentials

Virtual FBA Toolkit

This FBA toolkit helps you administer behavioral assessments in the classroom in order to provide effective strategies to prevent or reduce problem behaviors.

White Paper

February 08 , 2016

BACB Applied Behavior Analysis & Autism Service Providers

How to Meet BACB Supervision Standards

If you are currently supervising frontline staff this white paper will walk you through all the applicable training and steps needed to become a BCBA supervisor.