Revenue Cycle Education and Competency Management

700+ Self-Paced Lessons, Available 24/7

Relias Revenue Cycle and Coding offers solutions for the entire revenue cycle, focusing on how to:

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Implement Comprehensive Onboarding

Promotes an understanding of the importance of each job role and the interdependencies of each role along the revenue cycle continuum.

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Improve Data Quality

Leverages clinical and operational knowledge to ensure data is available at the most granular level for all intended uses.

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Increase Staff Retention

Provides educators and managers with the means to promote staff confidence and competence and increase job satisfaction with orientation, continuing education, and specialty competency products.

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Meet Competing Quality Programs Requirements

Measures outcomes and compliance with the programs, and empowers organizations to understand financial or regulatory consequences.

Revenue Cycle Course Offerings Include:

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Finance & Revenue Cycle

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Clinical Documentation Improvement

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Coding & Risk Adjustment

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Human Body Essentials & Medical Terminology

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HIPPA & Corporate Compliance


The 700+ self-paced, targeted lessons range from introductory to advanced, while earning learners continuing education credits to support credentials through accrediting bodies, such as AAPC and AHIMA.

Relias Revenue Cycle and Coding focuses on:

  • Data quality
  • Driving optimal staff performance and retention
  • Faster claim submissions
  • Reduced denials
  • Improved productivity and cashflow
  • Accurate reimbursements
  • Precise quality rankings
  • Improved patient care transition

What Sets Relias Revenue Cycle and Coding Apart?

  • Quality of content (evidence-based, expert-authored, and peer-reviewed)
  • Wide range of topics and educational levels
  • Tools to identify knowledge gaps
  • Self-paced, 24/7 access
  • Prescribed training
  • Concept reinforcement through exercises
  • Robust reporting to measure compliance, progress and results
  • Completion certificates and CEUs to satisfy necessary requirements

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