Population Performance Management

Deliver Better Outcomes At Lower Costs

Effectively manage defined populations with data insights, risk stratification, and targeted interventions.


Monitor performance on key metrics related to your value-based care initiatives. Identify high risk members and understand the care gaps and utilization patterns of all your members to provide better care at lower costs.

Population Health Metrics

See your performance on activities that keep your population healthy, such as screenings, immunizations and follow up visits.

Patient Registries

Grouping members into pre-built integrated care registries enables more effective management of members with complex and co-occurring conditions.

Risk Metrics

Identify members who are flagging on critical high-risk behavioral indicators so clinical interventions can be initiated.

Role-based Views

Specific dashboards tailor the population view to those in the care of the specific user, minimizing the noise so users see only what they can impact.

“Using data to give information back to providers about the extent to which they are practicing within the recommended standards of care is vital.”


Our population health solution gives you the tools to know what needs to change for better care delivery. ​​Identifying areas of high utilization and poor quality outcomes across your population allows you to close those gaps through targeted initiatives.

Recognize Variation

Identify when practice falls outside evidence-based best practice and identify opportunities for improvement.

Identify Risk

Risk stratification and triage algorithms aid in identifying high- and rising-risk ​​populations, enabling proactive intervention to avoid costly and unnecessary utilization.

Enable Root-Cause Analysis

Get to the bottom of care gaps and variation so you can understand what needs to change and drive measurable improvement.

Improve Skills

Considered clinical interventions provide evidence-based guidance and learning to help your team close the gap between what is wrong and how to fix it.

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When each member of your team has the resources they need, they can deliver the best care to optimize performance on value-based contracts. Population Performance Management provides insight into your population and allows you to ​​set targets and goals to achieve more sustainable improvements, faster. When opportunities surface, you’ll have what you need to get to the root and initiate the right interventions.

Improved Accountability

Alert care teams to members and practices that fall outside the recommended standard of care.

Better Engagement

Align individual efforts to organizational goals to create shared ownership in success.

Measure Return Over Time

Encourage and promote continuous performance improvement with ongoing measurement of your intervention strategies.

Ensure Financial Success

Easily monitor utilization and financial performance to benchmarks and goals to ensure the long term success of your value-based contracts.


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