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Getting Started is Easy

Getting Started is Easy

Get up and running with Relias in as soon as 30 days.

Simple Process, Minimal Effort

Speak with a representative and in three easy steps, you can get started.

 Learn More

Step 1: Learn More

Speak to an expert to get a quick system overview and learn how your mandatories can be fulfilled with online training.
Tell Us Your Needs

Step 2: Tell Us Your Needs

Learn how you can use your existing courses or the courses in our libraries.
Implement the System

Step 3: Implement the System

Our Implementation department is dedicated to getting you up and running quickly.

Speak to an Expert

Contact us to learn how our product works and to discuss your needs.

Learning More

When you contact an expert on our team to learn more about our product, you will get a quick, yet comprehensive overview of our product. 

You will learn which of your mandatories can be fulfilled with online training and how comparable organizations are using online training. You'll also learn how you can use your existing courses and track your live events in the system. 

Our representative will provide insight into training best practices, show you our course libraries, and provide you with an understanding of the costs of the Relias learning management system (LMS).


Quick Implementation Process

Get your organization started in as soon as 30 days, with zero hassle.


Launching Your Relias LMS

Our Implementation Consultants are dedicated to getting you and your staff up and running on our platform as quickly and seamlessly as possible, as well as providing an optimal hands-on learning experience. 

When you've decided to implement the Relias LMS, we first assess your goals and requirements and get your staff uploaded and organized into the LMS. 

Then we train you on how to navigate the system, including how to upload and create your own custom courses, developing training plans and utilizing reports. 

After ensuring all of your needs are met and the implementation is successful, our customer service team will provide ongoing support as needed to make sure you're getting the most out of the LMS. 

I’m really glad I scheduled a demo. It helped me understand the current state of training best practices and how we can provide further options for our staff.

- HR Director