“MHPA is excited to offer Relias’ best-in-class population health analytics solutions and educational programming to our member plans. Together, MHPA and Relias will support providers’ needs in challenging areas facing health plans such as the opioid epidemic. This important alliance strengthens our commitment to quality health care for the people who need it the most – our nation’s underserved.”

– Jeff Myers, President & CEO, Medicaid Health Plans of America (MHPA)

Deliver Better Care at Better Costs

Managing the health of your populations requires visibility into your performance on both population health and risk metrics. Understanding where you are succeeding and where there are opportunities for improvement, and then supporting your care providers with evidence-based interventions, clinical decision support and additional targeted training will lead to better outcomes.

Get Targeted Provider Education to Improve Outcomes

MHPA has teamed up with Relias to deliver education tools and resources that allow your providers to better understand their patients and offer customized care.


    A performance management platform closes the gap between data and care delivery by surfacing relevant insights into what is driving variation in cost and outcomes, giving Medicaid Managed Care Organizations the information they need to proactively manage care.


    Predictive modeling allows you to stratify your population by level of risk (high, rising and low) and then apply a tiered intervention strategy, matching the optimal intervention to those most in need, avoid costly ED visits and hospitalizations.


    By applying evidence-based interventions and filling knowledge gaps with targeted training, your providers have the right set of tools and motivations to standardize their care and deliver better outcomes at lower costs.


Explore how Relias benefits MHPA members.

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The Relias learning management system (LMS) simplifies enforcing, tracking, and reporting -while helping to maximize compliance and reduce risk.

You can deliver meaningful, uniform, accredited training at a fraction of the cost offsite or classroom courses require.

The Relias Performance Management platform closes the gap between data and care delivery by surfacing relevant insights into what is driving variation in cost and outcomes.

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Micro and Macro Approaches to Margin Risk Mitigation for Managed Care Plan: How to Reduce Costs and Maintain Your Current Margins


  • What the Kaiser Family Foundation’s national Medicaid managed care plan survey numbers say, and how can they help you move forward with new initiatives in the context of potential budget cuts
  • How near-future challenges and budget cuts could reduce an MCO’s current $11 profit PMPM to a loss of $21 to $48 PMPM in just four years
  • A brief scope of the problem, and weave together risk reduction strategies managed care organizations should consider