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Give Your Training a Boost

Relias and ANCOR continue to work together to provide training resources that help organizations conquer employee engagement, development, and staff turnover.

  • DSP Education

    Accessible, consistent content that boosts employee productivity and satisfaction

  • ANCOR University

    Online courses available for individual purchase tailored to I/DD professionals

  • ANCOR Certificates of Achievement

    Certificate program designed with ANCOR for Behavior Specialists, Community Inclusion and Human Resources

ANCOR Certificates of Achievement

Develop Key Organizational Staff

ANCOR and Relias have joined together to create a Certificate of Achievement for high-performing employees to advance their professional education. The certificates offer an opportunity for organizations to develop key members of their staff.

ANCOR members can access the certificate programs through the Relias learning management system (LMS) or through
ANCOR University

Three certificate tracks are currently available: Behavior Specialist, Community Inclusion Specialist, and Human Resources Professional.

“We couldn’t be prouder to offer this professional development opportunity through our Platinum Partner Relias Learning. Through the Certificates of Achievement program, staff can hone their skills critical in our field, and then have something to show for their hours and commitment.”

– Barbara Merrill, CEO of ANCOR


Download these helpful resources to explore how Relias benefits ANCOR members

Best Practices for Training DSPs ebook

This e-book discusses the training technique of “Focused Learning.” The Focused Learning initiative provides DSPs with training based on adult education best practices and included the 6 elements to improving the practical application of skills learning by staff.

Download ebook

Choice Making for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

This course provides an overview of teaching and supporting the choice-making process for people with I/DD. You will learn how to empower individuals to make choices about different techniques for offering choice-making and how to teach problem-solving skills to the people you support.

Sample this course

Impact Story

Easter Seals UCP of North Carolina and Virginia

“With so many different services that we provide, which is all over the spectrum, Relias is capable of delivering that and allowing us to do a comprehensive training assignment for every position type in our agency. This is an efficient method of delivering trainings that can be very, very specific.”

Thomas Stallings
Easter Seals UCP | NC + VA