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Law Enforcement Training

Better outcomes through evidence-based police training

Practical Training Officers Can Use

Law enforcement organizations training with Relias have seen a reduction in use of force incidents


Save Time and Money

Let your staff train anytime, anywhere, reducing training concerns and overtime expenses.
ILEETA Partnership

ILEETA Partnership

We've teamed up with ILEETA to bring quality online training to law enforcement trainers throughout the industry.
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Your Unique Needs

Access Relias' law enforcement courses or add your own. You can even manage live training programs.

Develop Your Staff

Training today is more than just compliance

Maintain Compliance While Developing Careers

15-20 years ago, training was mainly seen as a way to maintain compliance or accreditations. But with a growing competitive market for careers, training has evolved to include individual professional development.

Provide the appropriate regulatory training, as well as career development courses to keep staff motivated and engaged in their organizational role.

  • More than 150 courses
  • Developed by leading national experts
  • Various POST state approvals including Texas TCOLE

Make your training program a recruiting differentiator with over 40 hours of compliance training and over 95 hours of workforce skills and development courses.

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Decrease spending while increasing training

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Do More With Less

Are tight budgets requiring you to do more with less? Use our online courses to help reduce travel, backfill, and overtime costs. Most law enforcement organizations don’t realize how much they are spending both directly and indirectly on training.

Use online training to create significant cost savings in the areas of:

  • Live training expenses
  • Overtime pay (where applicable)
  • Time spent tracking and reporting
  • Creating training curriculums
  • Costs of certifications

Automated Reports & Records Management

Easier for you, even better for compliance

An All-In-One Training System

The first thing an attorney will ask you for during a lawsuit are the training reports on staff. Improve your protection against lawsuits by tracking all your training in one system.

  • Mandatory courses
  • Licenses and certifications (CPR, first aid status, etc.)
  • Live onsite training events
  • Custom material including policies and procedures

Quickly show proof of compliance by printing reports when requested during a lawsuit or audit. No more updating spreadsheets or digging through file folders.


Juvenile Services Training

Relias offers a comprehensive library of online courses for professionals who work with a juvenile population


Our juvenile services courses are an important part of both our Corrections Essentials and Community Corrections Essentials libraries. The courses are designed to engage learners through an interactive learning environment and written by corrections professionals with expertise in their course subject areas. Each course is self-paced and includes a final exam; certificates may be printed upon successful completion of the course.


We work with industry-leading partners to create high quality content to ensure our training meets your needs

Franklin University COPHA
relias partners with APPA
Relias partners with American Jail Association
Street Level Interviewing 1.0
This course focuses on techniques for interviewing that will assist the officer in determining deceit, and in eliciting truthful responses.
Suicide Bomber Response 1.0
Explains the background and planning factors of suicide bombers. Discusses the planning and response for a suicide bombing attack.
Officer Response to Victim-Precipitated Suicide 1.0
This course covers officer assisted suicide, and provides information on recognizing these situations to facilitate alternative actions.
Report Writing - A Fresh Look 1.0
This course offers tips to improve report writing and produce accurate, concise, final reports that are a total picture of what occurred.
Robbery Response for Banks 1.0
You will learn the need for organizational planning, policy development, and equipment for officers who respond to robberies.
Roadblocks and Checkpoints 1.0
In the course you will learn how the reasonable suspicion requirement is balanced with the need to protect the public in general.
Prisoner Transport 1.0
This course presents helpful techniques to decrease the dangers of prisoner transport.
Pistol on Patrol Tactics 1.0
The handgun is invaluable in dealing with a life-threatening situation.
Police Access to Private Property 1.0
This course discusses the legality of officers on private property, and details when routine patrol becomes an illegal search.
National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System 1.0
Introduces the The National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System and provides a overview of its history, structure, and functions.

Law Enforcement Resources

Browse resources related to law enforcement


February 16 , 2017

Public Safety Corrections Law Enforcement

Body Worn Cameras

Learn how training is going to adjust to the changes in tactics that may be necessary when officers are wearing body-worn cameras.

Sample Course

January 20 , 2017

Public Safety Law Enforcement Officer Involved Shooting

Shots Fired, Suspect Down

Being involved in an OIS may be one of the most traumatic incidents of an officer’s career. However, the aftermath can be greatly lessened if officers and agencies are well prepared.


June 01 , 2016

Public Safety Corrections Law Enforcement OSS Academy

Major Court Decisions Influencing Law Enforcement and Corrections Today

This webinar discusses recent major court decisions and what law enforcement agencies should do to institute best practices and reduce liability exposure.