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Special Education & Schools

Technology that brings educators together to increase student outcomes

Engaging content for aspiring educators, paraprofessionals,
K-12 teachers, administrators and school districts

Equip educators with powerful resources to promote inclusion, address behavior, and increase outcomes for every child

convenient training

Convenience and Flexibility

Easily upload your own courses and live events, or customize our curriculum.
expertly written courses

Courses Written by Industry Experts

Over 90 years of combined expertise in special education, research and intervention, educational policy, and school inclusion.
engaging courses

Engaging Courses at Your Fingertips

Courses include knowledge checks throughout to engage learners and allow them to apply what they have learned.

Inclusion in the Classroom

Reducing the barriers to learning and empowering students to thrive academically

Success for All Students

Courses designed for general education and special education teachers, administrative staff and paraprofessionals so that every school staff member working with a child is equipped to provide appropriate education.


Behavior Programs

Video training and resources to help your staff manage problem behaviors

manage problem behaviors

Manage Problem Behaviors

Our technology provides educators with online tools needed to record behavioral data, create positive behavior support plans, implement evidence-based behavioral interventions and build behavioral progress reports. Put more energy into classroom instruction, not problem behaviors.

Creating and Managing Individualized Education Programs

Improved outcomes for students, teachers, districts, and parents

Courses Include:

  • IEPs planning, creation, implementation, management and documentation
  • IEPs for general educators
  • IEPs - IDEA and FAPE
creating IEPs