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skilled nursing training

Skilled Nursing & Long Term Care

Connect front-line and administrative staff to the in-services and mandatories required for meeting regulatory and compliance standards.

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Relevant and engaging training that meets regulatory and compliance standards while ensuring nurses, therapists, home health aides, and hospice volunteers are positioned to confidently provide specialized care and improved client outcomes.



Help drive compliance with your training and continuous improvement programs.

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Access Relias' skilled nursing courses or add your own. You can even manage live training programs.
Adapt to Change

Adapt to Change

Manage change and drive objectives in a world of pay-for-performance, bundled payments and evidence-based outcomes.

Skilled Nursing Library

Designed to offer a robust online training resource that will blend effectively with your organization’s live and classroom based training events.

The courses you need

Our Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Essentials Library offers high quality, interactive courses and is designed for staff working with the elderly in a variety of settings. The courses are developed in consultation with subject matter experts. The library includes a curriculum for licensed professional staff such as nurses and social workers with more than 200 course hours accredited to meet continuing education and compliance needs.

Course Preview
Understanding Communication in Persons with Dementia


We're More Than a Training Vendor. We're Your Learning Partner

Hear how Brightview Senior Living went from 70% training compliance to 97% in a year's time without breaking a sweat.


Impact Story: Brightview Senior Living

"If I could describe Relias in one word, it would be easy. It has made compliance a dream. We went from probably in the 70s monthly to last month which was 97% and we have communites from Massachusetts to Virginia. With over 3,500 employees, getting everyone compliant without having to beg and plead is just amazing."

Melissa Broy Fortson
Brightview Senior Living/The Shelter Group

Florida Laws and Rules
SUMMARY The new Florida Board of Nursing requireme
Protecting Resident Rights in Assisted Living Facilities
In this course, you will learn about the rights the individuals you care for have and ways you can protect these rights.
Legal Aspects of Documentation
The course reviews the concepts and rules regarding documentation in the medical record as it relates to negligence, malpractice, and intentional torts.
Restorative Nursing: Dressing, Grooming, and Bathing for Nursing Assistants
This module discusses dressing, grooming, and bathing restorative programs.
HIV and AIDS - Florida Laws
This course will cover HIV/AIDS and the Florida laws that relate to the care you provide.
Workplace Violence Prevention
This webinar will help participants look at the environmental, procedural and personal dynamic that lead to workplace violence.
The Two Most Common Forms of Workplace Violence: Hostile Encounters and Domestic Violence
This program will emphasize the most common forms of workplace violence.
Beating Workplace Violence: Assess, Defend, and Survive
We address how to determine the likelihood and severity of a threat, how to secure your workplace and active shooter response protocols.
Resident-to-Resident Bullying in Senior Care
This course reviews the identification of bullying and the appropriate intervention.
About Norovirus
This course provides a comprehensive overview of norovirus, from diagnosis to treatment.

Skilled Nursing Resources

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April 19 , 2018

Post-Acute Care Skilled Nursing

The ABCs of ABNs

Confused about the various Beneficiary Notices? You are not alone! Watch this webinar to get an overview of regulatory requirements related to Beneficiary Notices and to understand how compliance of beneficiary notices will be reviewed in the survey process.


April 04 , 2018

Post-Acute Care Skilled Nursing QAPI

QAPI: Two Phases Down, One to Go

The QAPI process has changed significantly over the last couple years, and with one more phase to go, we want to make sure that you are prepared to make the QAPI program part of the fabric of your organization. Join us to incorporate tactical methods to make your QAPI program part of your daily life.


September 14 , 2017

Post-Acute Care MDS 3.0 Skilled Nursing

2017 MDS Updates

Like clockwork, October 1 brings fresh new MDS changes and coding revisions and clarifications. Watch this webinar as we detail the new items.