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ICD 10 Training

ICD-10 Training

Are ALL your staff properly trained on ICD-10?

Up-To-Date Training From a Trusted Source

The right training for the right staff to ensure compliance with ICD-10 coding system and documentation standards.


Thought You Were Prepared?

Are your staff still struggling with ICD-10 after the transition? Not all staff trained properly?

Custom Packages

Choose a package tailored to the setting of care and type of employees who need training.
manage your training


Easily manage all your staff training, including ICD-10, and track requirements in one place.

ICD-10 Training to Fit Your Needs

We're past the transition date but training and compliance is ongoing

Did your training program fall short?

Don’t miss a beat! Ensure your staff is properly implementing ICD-10. Relias has partnered with Decision Health, HCPro and Behavioral Health Solutions to offer multiple packages to assist you with the transition. Ensuring accurate coding to reflect diagnoses and conditions is essential to ensure accurate claims processing and revenue cycle management.

We offer packages designed specifically for unique job roles including nurses, coders, therapists, administrators, billers, and intake staff, as well as separate packages designed for your unique settings of care -- including curricula tailored to Skilled Nursing, Hospice, Home Health and Behavioral Health.


For Behavioral Health Providers

Have you noticed any challenges or denied claims since the transition on October 1st, 2015?


Specifically for clinical staff

Most ICD-10 training is for healthcare providers that happens to briefly cover the Behavioral Health sections. If your staff would benefit from ICD-10 training specifically for behavioral health providers, then look no further.

Relias has partnered with Behavioral Health Solutions and Telemental Health Institute to provide behavioral health specific ICD-10 training.

With two simple packages to choose from, we have what you need whether you’re an individual practitioner or an organization needing to train staff across multiple departments. Our training offers continuing education credits, includes specific examples and resources that speak directly to your unique needs and challenges.

For Post-Acute Providers

Relias has partnered with HCPro to assist long-term and post-acute care providers.

Two tailored libraries

ICD-10 HCPro Comprehensive
Developing efficient processes is imperative to manage the increased workload that faces long-term care facilities due to the additional specificity required for code selection and the fivefold increase in the number of codes. This library explains that developing efficient processes is imperative to manage the increased workload facing long-term care facilities as a result of ICD-10.

ICD-10 HCPro Overview
Between the additional specificity required for code selection and the fivefold increase in the number of codes, developing efficient processes is imperative to managing the increased workload that faces LTC facilities. The courses in this library teach you how to use the interdisciplinary process to ensure solid documentation and accurately capture medical necessity.