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Online Training for Hospice Volunteers

Making it easier to onboard and train hospice volunteers

The Smart Way to Train Volunteers

Utilizing our online training allows volunteers to train when they are available

Faster Onboarding

Most agencies require volunteers to wait until the next orientation before beginning. With an LMS, orientation can take place immediately.

Consistent Training

All volunteers tested on the same materials with pre- and post-tests to confirm retention of information.

Manage Education Requirements

Education requirements for hospice volunteers can be difficult due to the number and potential quick turnover.

Free Online Courses for Hospice Volunteers

Prepare volunteers to work with patients and families

Making it easier to onboard and train volunteers

Relias is making it easier from both a financial and efficiency standpoint, by offering access to 12 free volunteer training courses to all Relias hospice clients. These classes include basic topics such as “Hospice 101: Orienting to Hospice Care,” and “I Don’t Know What to Say,” to mandatory topics such as “Infection Control,” “Safety in the Home,” ;and “HIPAA Training for Hospice Staff and Volunteers.”

With unlimited access, volunteers can enroll in these courses immediately, enabling a faster, more efficient orientation process.

This new offering will allow Relias customers to provide free hospice-specific training to all volunteers to help prepare them for working with patients and families.


"Hospice volunteers are integral to our customers’ success, donating their time and talents to help others. The Relias team is pleased to help our hospice customers maximize the benefit of volunteers by defraying the costs and challenges typically associated with volunteer training.”

- Jim Triandiflou, CEO of Relias

Hospice Training for Volunteers

Free courses available:

  • Hospice 101: Orienting to Hospice Care
  • I Don’t Know What to Say
  • Infection Control (Overview + Hand Hygiene sections)
  • Safety in the Home
  • Patient’s Rights
  • HIPAA Training for Hospice Staff and Volunteers
  • Everyday Ethics for Hospice and Palliative Professionals and Volunteers
  • Cultural Competence and Humility in Palliative Care
  • Abuse, Neglect, Mistreatment and Exploitation
  • Pain Hurts Everyone: Understanding and Managing Pain
  • Is It Time? Symptoms of Dying
  • The Impact of Grief: Ours and Those We Serve

Best Practices for Utilizing Volunteers in Hospice Organizations

Learn the 10 best ways to create a program that thrive.