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Performance improvement through staff training and workforce development.

Relias Impact Blog

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3 Steps to Improve Patient Experience

4 minute read

The patient experience defined by the Beryl Institute is “the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization’s culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.”  Exceeding patient expectations is not by chance, but is the result of conscious efforts made to create and sustain a culture of patient-centered care – including staff hiring, onboarding, development...

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3 Key Components of an Effective Onboarding Program for Newly Licensed Registered Nurses

5 minute read

First impressions matter! In any organization, you want to make positive impressions last.  When Newly Licensed Registered Nurses (NLRN) enter an organization, they are excited and eager to begin their journey as a healthcare professional. NLRNs work hard, dedicating countless hours to study and pass the NCLEX, and they are excited to take on the real world of patient care.

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