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July 12, 2018

How to Go From Good to Great: Cultivate Your Leaders

Watch this on-demand webinar as we explore how leadership development is key to creating a culture of engaged employees and how that can positively impact turnover and patient outcomes.

White Paper

July 09, 2018

Front-Line Through C-Level: Using Assessments for Employee Development

Download this white paper to learn how assessments can help organizations hire the right person for the right job and the benefits of assessments for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of onboarding.

White Paper

July 06, 2018

Top Down Is Dead. Lead From the Middle!

Download this white paper to learn practical solutions and advice on how to build your leadership pipeline by developing the talent you already have.

White Paper

June 29, 2018

Understanding Clinical Variation

While some variation in healthcare is expected and acceptable, there is a significant amount of unnecessary variation that impacts patient outcomes and value-based reimbursements. Understanding and addressing this variation is essential in a continually evolving landscape.