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Interview with United Hospice of Rockland

The only hospice in Rockland County, New York. They have two major components to their program—the bigger piece is the community program and then a 10-bed hospice residence.


Q. What was your training process prior to Relias?

A. Basically it was sort of a piecemeal, outdated mode of pulling together what somebody thought was mandated by the state and other regulatory bodies. We were doing the same thing, year in and year out, by bringing all employees in for a mandatory ruling day of PowerPoint and lectures. Orientation was very piecemeal as well.

It was one day of meeting department heads, using outdated manuals and videos, and then going straight to clinical orientation, where hopefully there was someone in the department they could buddy with and learn the routines.


Q. Was there a moment that made you want to consider making changes?

A. There was a moment when we were in a leadership meeting with the department heads. We were still without an educator and were getting closer to the time of the year when we do mandatory education. It was clear that not one person at the table knew exactly what was mandatory. So, I volunteered to get that information, looking for a single source that could tell me what was mandatory. Then, during my search, I found Relias Learning and brought that to the group, and said, ‘Let’s go kicking and screaming into the 21st century and try and do this in a smarter way’.


Q. What helped you choose Relias Learning?

A. I like the simplicity of the way that the platform is laid out. It is very easy to navigate. We have a lot of home health aides and many of them are they not computer literate. I liked the fact that other education opportunities within the site could be used by staff to maintain their certifications.

“I like the simplicity of the way that the platform is laid out. It is very easy to navigate.”

I actually found out that the staff was retaking their certification exams every 3 years instead of renewing them because they weren’t able to get their mandatory CEUs. Our organization has very little tuition reimbursement money, but we would pay for the exam so that was the staff’s way of getting the certification without spending their own money. So changing to Relias Learning was a big plus for the people who needed to be certified.


Q. What was the implementation process like?

A. We had three or four phone educational meetings with our implementation facilitator. He was very succinct and prepared for those of us going to be supervisors on-site. The educator and I held a session with the home health aides first to focus on their needs and walk them through the system and then had several sessions with the rest of the employees. The time from our first implementation call to finish was pretty quick, I would say a month or so.

“Relias Learning was a big plus for the people who needed to be certified.”