The Missouri Coalition Project

Joseph Parks, MD has nearly two decades of experience in public health. Previously, Dr. Parks served as the Medical Director of the Missouri Department of Mental Health and the Director of the Missouri Division of Comprehensive Psychiatric Services and Missouri Medicaid. He currently serves as the Medical Director for the National Council for Behavioral Health.

Dr. Parks talks about what it took to get the Missouri Coalition Project off the ground and begin using data analytics within the pharmacy program to encourage better practice.

Leveraging Technology for Success

Population health management tools, beyond those that are available within the EMR, are critical for implementing better interventions and delivering better care. Dr. Parks discusses practical applications for better use of data.

The First Step to Improving Care Value

Dr. Parks talks about the need to focus on the areas that we can have an impact. Key to this is understanding the role of data in finding those opportunities for improvement, such as areas of inefficiency and gaps in care, and then using them to drive actionable plans for change.

Managed Care: What Does It Really Mean?

Managed care and care management are different, yet related concepts. While managed care is focused on overall utilization management, care management is about better utilization of lower cost services to prevent unnecessary use of less effective and higher cost services including emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Listen to Dr. Parks discuss why this difference matters.

What Healthcare Trends Are Here to Stay

Healthcare is always changing, but there are things that stay the same. Here, Dr. Parks talks about the changes that matter, the role data plays in addressing these changes, and how providers must adjust their practices in preparation.

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