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Knocking Down Educational and Training Barriers with Cutting-Edge Technology

The mission of the CalVet Homes is “to provide the state’s aged or disabled veterans with rehabilitative, residential, and medical care and services in a home-like environment.” This mission acknowledges the tremendous sacrifice California veterans have made and recognizes them for their noble service to our nation. 

During our interview with California Veterans Home, Miguel Mojado shared his thoughts about Relias.


Q. Why move to online training?

A. Many organizations want to achieve the highest quality in their education programs. An online learning platform that provides virtual classes, exams, grades and evaluation can satisfy the need for an effective educational delivery and management structure.

The Relias learning management system (LMS) offers a web-based environment that allows self-paced learning while improving clinical practices, education and the provision of patient care. Utilizing this technology helps train all personnel with less time, effort and financial burden to the organization. It is paperless, promotes collaboration between IT and clinical staff, complements the other systems in place, educates and trains providers, and provides reports on-demand anytime and every time.


Q. Can you speak to potential risks of not using online learning?

A. Very important is ensuring data stewardship, privacy, and security while maintaining personnel training and development. Without these mechanisms in place, the unintended consequences can present legal challenge and regulatory nightmares. Relias met all of this criteria and became the vehicle that streamlined the educational needs of our employees.


Q. How has Relias helped streamline your training initiatives?

A. Relias is the ideal software application for administration, tracking, reporting and delivery for training programs. Other divisions in our department are still using the intranet for mandatory courses. Such practice produced inaccuracies in record keeping and reporting that involve laborintensive tracking and recording of course completions.

Beyond our organization, the Relias LMS presents a robust e-learning solution that promises an exciting experience for online collaboration among the learners and managers across the continuum of the healthcare industry anywhere in the world. As a registered nurse with an informatics background, I valued working with a sustainable training solution that can bridge the gap between educational initiatives and distance learning.


Q. Has Relias helped with training compliance?

A. In 2014, our Redding Veterans’ Home not only passed but impressed the federal inspectors in our survey. They were awed by how our use of Relias not only fulfilled but surpassed their expectations— an infrastructure that seamlessly integrates education. We are not only able to provide customized learning plans, but improve our tracking and reporting as well as fulfill continuing education (CE) unit requirements for our licensed staff. Certified nursing assistants, licensed vocational nurses, registered nurses, and home administrators can self-enroll in the courses that carry CE credits approved by various professional boards and accrediting bodies.

Q. We know training coordinators can wear multiple hats! Has Relias helped automate your training?

A. In 2015, I created curriculums that merge the needs of both licensed and lay personnel. Instead of assigning by module per month, I activated the autopilot mechanism in such a way that new courses are automated to deploy every first of the month for the entire year. After creating a new user profile, features such as location, job title or department may be used to filter assignments with pinpoint accuracy. An alert system was created and triggers a reminder to employees that a course must be completed a week before the due date is imminent. Our employees’ satisfaction and compliance rates have gone up. We have reduced training expenses and streamlined the learning processes through this innovative approach.