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It is our 4th year with Relias, and we provide hospice services for nurses, CNAs, social workers, chaplains, volunteer coordinators, therapists and we pretty much use the online training for new hire, mandatory reorientation, also use it for our CNA monthly in-servicing we are required to do.


Q. What was your training process prior to Relias?

A. In 2007, we had Healthstream, which was some online training, but I had to supplement it with some face-to-face in-servicing as well. But I must say that the Relias system is a lot easier to use than the one with Healthstream.


Q. Why did you decide to make the change?

A. When we originally made the change, it looked a lot easier to use, easier to author courses and there was a lot more training material available. We are able to add courses really quickly and when issues come up, we can find courses to supplement what we have. We’ve had a boundary issue with someone and we went ahead and part of their requirement to resolve the issue was to take the course on boundaries.

“[The Relias system] looked a lot easier to use, easier to author courses and there was a lot more training material available.”


Q. What kind of impact has the change made on compliance?

A. In regards to compliance, when our surveyors are here, we show them what we do for reorientation and new hires. We take the objectives and goals and map them out with our courses. We print off individual reports for the CNAs and put them in their personnel files. Everything is listed for the year with the dates they took the course, and so when the surveyors see that, they don’t really have much else to say.


Q. What are some other benefits of using Relias?

A. The ease of use of using the system, for both the administrators and the learners. Trying to get everyone together is impossible so the biggest benefit is convenience for us.

“I think the system is very consistent. You know that everyone is getting the same information…”

I think the system is very consistent. You know that everyone is getting the same information rather than before when you had everyone come to the meetings. You didn’t know if everyone is getting the information or not and then there are the people who missed the meeting so you have to catch them later.


Q. How did the staff feel about the transition?

A. I think the staff enjoys it, we haven’t had any complaints. They seem to not have an issue with the system. It’s better to fit it in time wise because when they have down time, they can go ahead and log on instead of everyone getting together to do the meeting. Sometimes they will do it at home, or do it on our desktops or laptops.

Hospice of Texarkana


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