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Marsha Boswell, director of education of the largest privately owned home care agency in Alabama, knew it was time for a different approach to training and maintaining compliance, but they were limited by their technology. Boswell explains how Relias’ LMS provided engaging content with on an innovative platform. She specifically sites the competency tracker as a one-stop-shop feature, which provided an easy way to track and report her staff’s competency to state surveyors.

“I’ve never seen any format of learning some of these new programs that Relias is rolling out. It’s really going to, not just going to catch the younger generation we’re hiring, but those of us who are a little bit older enjoy learning something that is interesting…that’s engaging.”

Alacare Home Health and Hospice

Home Health and Hospice

Top Benefits

  • Proved competency of staff
  • Innovative technology
  • Engaging educational format
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