Research Methodology

The 2020 State of Training and Staff Development survey was developed in coordination with Hanover Research.

The survey was designed to echo the same study field as in 2017 to provide a longitudinal perspective into the overall trends of the industry. The survey was launched online through Qualtrics on February 18 to 678,169 healthcare and public safety executives, managers, and training personnel. As an incentive for participation, the first 500 respondents were entered into a random drawing for a gift certificate for one of six $150 Amazon gift cards. After one week of fielding, the survey was closed on February 25 with a total of 7,785 responses, including 2,207 partial respondents and 434 disqualified respondents.

After cleaning the data through R, the study consisted of 5,089 qualified completed responses. The final data set was then analyzed through MarketSight, with the data cut into crosstabs by accreditation, sector, industry, size of the organization, and type of organization. Statistical significance testing was performed across segments with a 95% confidence level using a Z-Test with p = less than 0.05. This report provides a synopsis of findings across the healthcare sector—health and human services, acute and pre-acute care, post-acute care, and payers and insurers—and in the public safety sector.

Due to the major impact COVID-19 has had on the healthcare industry, part of the survey was redesigned to capture the impact of the coronavirus and relaunched on June 2. After 10 days of fielding, the COVID-19 follow-up survey was closed on June 12. The second survey undertook the same process as the February survey, coming down to a total of 4,549 qualified respondents in healthcare and public safety. The post COVID-19 results were used to draw insights into the impact that COVID-19 has had on the industry.

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