Perceived Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths of Training and Development

In addition to the overall findings and the breakdowns for each industry sector, the survey data indicated areas where respondents thought their training and development programs were working well and where they were lacking.

To identify what appears to be hitting the mark in their programs, respondents were asked:

Q: What is the top strength of your organization’s current staff development and training program?

Top Marks in Healthcare

  • Relevant training content
  • Ease of access
  • Meets external requirements

Top Marks in Public Safety

  • Well-organized
  • Ease of access/convenience
  • Good trainers

Note: Some areas cited as strengths by respondents also received votes as weaknesses by other respondents.

COVID-19 Insights: Most organizations were prepared to deliver online training amid the pandemic—84% in healthcare and 77% in public safety. Healthcare participants ranked communication, online options, and flexibility as top strengths of their training and development. Public safety organizations ranked flexibility, infection control, and online options as the top strengths. Note that some of the strengths were also noted as weaknesses below.

Preparedness to Deliver Online Training

Preparedness to Deliver Online Training

Weaknesses of Training and Development

While respondents generally find it easy to access training, healthcare and public safety organizations also report that a lack of time to take training is a weakness in their staff development programs.

Q: What is the top weakness of your organization’s current staff development and training program?

Weak Areas in Healthcare

  • Lack of time to train
  • Lack of follow-up

Weak Areas in Public Safety

  • Not enough training
  • Lack of time to train
  • Poorly organized

COVID-19 Insights: During the pandemic, healthcare respondents said lack of online options, not
enough training, and lack of communication were weaknesses of their training and staff development programs. Public safety respondents cited IT infrastructure, outdated information, and communication as weak points. As noted, the strengths and weaknesses cited by respondents overlap.

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