This year, healthcare and public safety professionals have grappled with interconnected and unforeseen challenges stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. Keeping leaders and staff educated and prepared is the constant charge of training and staff development. When expectations shift, training must help organizations stay on top of those new expectations.

In both healthcare and public safety, survey data can help you understand the changing demands for expertise in your field and trends in how your organization carries out its mission.

By considering the views of executives, education leaders, and front-line staff, you can make better decisions about how to stay responsive to your mission, provide high-quality service, reduce risk, and advance desired outcomes.

Purpose of This Report

The Relias 2020 State of Training and Staff Development Report was designed to get a national perspective on five broad staff development and training issues in healthcare and public safety organizations:

  • The perceived business alignment, value, and impact of today’s staff development and training programs.
  • Principal training drivers and emerging influences.
  • Stakeholder perceptions about the strengths and weaknesses of existing training programs.
  • Current common practices in training management and delivery.
  • Current budgets and the economics of staff development and training.

Who Is This Report For?

This report is designed to be a resource for two groups: The executives driving organizational performance and the individuals overseeing and delivering training programs.

Our goal is to help organizations identify sustainable strategies for continuing to fulfill their mission amid inevitable and unexpected change. With the data and analysis in this report, healthcare and public safety leaders can:

  • Benchmark current practices, investments, and beliefs compared with a national sample.
  • Identify ways to improve staff development and training opportunities.

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