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Value-Based Performance Management for Healthcare Organizations

Safeguard revenue and drive down hospital costs

Reducing clinical variation is the key to clinical and financial improvement.

To compete in today’s healthcare environment, healthcare organizations require:

The right tools

Technology and tools to identify and act on clinical variation

Actionable data

The measurement and reporting necessary to track clinical performance and results

The right infrastructure

An infrastructure that promotes transparency, collaboration, and accountability between physicians and executives alike

Prevent Hospitalizations and High-Cost Services

Proactively address preventable services and optimize the care you provide

Decrease clinical variation for better efficiency

Decrease irrational clinical variation by having visibility into best standards of care and comparing against local top performers.


Align and engage physicians for success

Leverage an infrastructure that promotes physician alignment, engagement, and accountability.


Transparency to metrics, performance, and patient panels

Safeguard revenue and drive down costs by having a clear view into success metrics, individual and team performance, performance against “bright spot” performers, and patient panels.


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Combat the Opioid Crisis

Managing one of the biggest cost drivers in healthcare

combat the opioid crisis

Opioid addiction is currently our country's #1 health epidemic

It's becoming a meaningful cost driver with an estimated annual $72.5 billion in medical and prescription costs for healthcare payers and providers. Congress recently passed the 21st Century Cures Act, providing $1 billion for states to fight the epidemic. To combat addiction, it is essential to leverage population health analytics to identify those most at risk.

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