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Healthcare Analytics

Evidence-based insights that deliver.

Leveraging Population Health Data to Improve Care

Coordinate the Best Care for Your Costliest, Most Complex Members


Uncover and sort high-cost services and significant quality indicators

Take Action

Pull and implement actionable evidence-based insights for each quality indicator

Measure Results

Easily measure reporting around cost savings and healthcare improvement

Manage Clinical and Financial Risk

View Population Health Data to Identify Risk and Cost-Saving Opportunities

High-cost services can be identified in a matter of seconds

Access large and complex data sets from behavioral, primary care and social services to quickly identify services that carry the highest costs. Leverage evidence-based insights for Population Management, Compliance Measurement, and Complex Case Management to identify relevant risk burden and opportunities for cost savings and healthcare improvement.

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Provide the Right Care

Determine Care Based on an Accurate View of the Patient, Population, or Subpopulation


Analyze your healthcare data from a number of viewpoints

Drill down to the patient level to see a complete view of every member served, gathering aggregated data from payer, provider, laboratory, and social service agencies. Filter and analyze results by population, subpopulation, or specific member to determine patient or population needs.

Evaluate Healthcare Improvement

Expedite Ongoing Measurement of Healthcare Quality

Gain quick and easy access to risk and outcomes analysis to identify gaps and improvement

The healthcare analytics platform allows for easy performance of risk modeling, outcomes analysis, and reporting to determine cost-savings and healthcare improvement, including performance in care coordination and care transitions.

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