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social determinants

Social Determinants of Health

Integrating social health factors into care plans

Considering social health factors will be critical to
successful care planning, improved outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

As healthcare is moving toward value-based reimbursements and providers taking on financial risk, components of the triple aim also become business measures. Ensure that your providers truly understand their patients and have the tools to continuously improve care.

whole person care

Whole-Person Care

Effectively screen and assess presenting physical symptoms, as well as non-medical, social factors.

patient satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction

Increase patient satisfaction through customized care plans that take into account different social health factors.

Population Health Strategies

Population Health Strategies

Create a common understanding and provide a foundation for building your population health strategies.

Tools and Resources to Integrate Social Health Factors

Educating provider staff on the importance and affects of social health factors

Whitepaper: The Role Social Factors Play in Delivering Quality Care

Whole-person care is integral to successful care planning and paves the way to increased patient satisfaction. Customized care plans can be provided when all factors are considered, including social and economic factors that can impact a member’s health status and access to healthcare.

Review the importance of social health factors and how they can impact a patient's health status.  

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Social Determinants Training Resource: The Building Blocks

Learn about the challenges of delivering whole-person care by considering all factors that influence a patient’s health status. Growing research is showing the increased need for understanding the role of social determinants in population management strategies.

Work together with your providers and offer an education solution that creates a common foundation for building your population health strategies.

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Get Started on Improving Outcomes
while Increasing Patient Satisfaction

Relias offers provider education tools and resources around social health factors, including courses on children and family dynamics and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Learn more about the new Social Determinants of Health Package, which provides guidelines on how to effectively screen and assess patients for social determinants and how to integrate these factors into direct practice. The package consists of online courses and micro-trainings, and includes a “competency assessment” that sets an initial baseline. As a final step, an immersive, online simulation reinforces and tests the learning material.