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Relias Retention Solutions

Skills Development

Remedies to retain your best talent, at every stage, all in one place

Skills Development

Providing opportunities for development and advancement shows employees you're vested in their success. The benefits are twofold: improved performance and improved staff retention.

Relias Learning Management System (LMS)

The Relias LMS comes equipped with innovative, evidence-based tools to help you identify, address, monitor, track and report on the development and performance of your staff.

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relias learning management system
targeted online training

Improve Performance with Targeted Training

Using evidence-based strategies, easily assess employee competency levels in key areas and then use a prescriptive training approach designed to promote behavior change and sustain knowledge over time, resulting in improved performance at both the individual and organizational level.

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Prophecy Assessments

Prophecy® Assessments aid in identifying individuals with leadership potential. Assessments help management develop the next generation of leaders by informing personalized growth plans.

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skillsoft training

Develop Leaders

Develop critical leadership and management skills with the Advanced Leadership Library from Skillsoft®, the global leader in staff development and training.

Manager Tools: Change Management

Manager Tools: Performance Feedback

Resources to Get You Started

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Performance Feedback Best Practices Webinar

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What Great Managers Do Differently Webinar

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Staff Training and Development Assessment Tool